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The Protector was once a Tank in Arras.io and an upgrade to the Beta Tester B.


The Protector features a circular base with a trapezoidal cannon on top and 2 rectangular cannons underneath.


It shoots trapezoids from its main cannon and apparently shoots bullets from the 2 rectangular cannons underneath.


  • Strong against: Rammers, low DPS tanks, slow tanks
  • Weak against: High DPS tanks, long range tanks

As the Protector

  • Since its main cannon shoots traps, it is a great way take out rammers like the Smasher and its upgrades.
  • Tanks with a slow movement speed are easy to take out as well, considering that this tank shoots traps, and if that didn't help, there are still the normal bullets coming out from two cannons.
  • It's also pretty good against low DPS tanks, considering that they can get easily trapped and there is enough time to trap them, especially if the Protector has high bullet/trap damage.

Against the Protector

  • Since trappers are generally not the most efficient tanks in long range, some of the long range tanks like the ones in the Sniper branch can be efficient against this tank. Though, the only problem while encountering this tank is that it also shoots bullets and they could have a high bullet speed, so what should be done is taking out the tank in a range outside its field of view and shoot bullets with a high bullet speed, bullet damage and high penetration and reload in certain cases.
  • Tanks with high damage are pretty efficient against this, especially when there are no traps around the tanks. Even if there were traps, the tanks with a high DPS can take out the traps easily, thus, defeat the tank if they get the chance to do so.