The Quad Builder is a Potential Tank in It would have upgraded from the Builder at Level 45, and couldn't upgrade any further.


It is a circle with 4 Launchers in each direction.


Apparently, it would shoot just like the Builder, except that it could shoot 4 times as many traps.


  • Strong Against: Rammers or body damage builders, low DPS tanks, low Penetration tanks.
  • Weak Against: High DPS tanks, high bullet speed and large FoV tanks like the Sniper branch.

As the Quad Builder

  • The Quad Builder is strong against low DPS tanks. Use this to your advantage and pick off snipers.
  • The 4 launcher barrels allow better performance against tanks all around you, especially if they're weak.

Against the Quad Builder

  • The Quad Builder is mainly a support tank. Use high DPS tanks to attack it.
  • Upgrade your tank's bullet speed to get an advantage against the Quad Builder.
  • Use a tier 3 or 4 at best Sniper branched tank, because these tanks have a high field of view and are great against the Quad Builder.
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