The Quad Twin is a Mockup Tank in It upgraded from the Double Twin and couldn't upgrade further.


The Quad Twin has 8 Cannons, each pair of 2 placed at a 90° angle. Each right Cannon overlaps each left Cannon in a clockwise fashion.


Due to the Quad Twin being a mockup tank, it has unknown stats.


  • Strong Against: Groups of low level enemies, low penetration Tanks, Trapper branches, Tanks that struggle to kill Hexa Tanks.
  • Weak Against: Destroyer branches, high penetration Tanks, high FoV Tanks, Tanks that can easily kill Hexa Tanks.

As the Quad Twin

  • This tank should be played like a Hexa Tank.
  • Due to its high number of cannons, it can be used in FFA.

Against the Quad Twin

  • Destroyers can easily one-shot the Quad Twin.
  • Try to shoot between the cannons.
  • The Triplet has higher DPS than it, so it can take out a Quad Twin.


  • Twin means two, and quad means four, therefore, four times two gives eight, which is why that this tank has eight cannons.
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