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For the non-final Bosses having only three layers for their bodies, see Arras:Celestial.
The reality comes to an end as Ragnarok finally arrives!
Do you believe in Ragnarok?

Ragnarok is a Boss found in Arras.io. It is one of the 3 current final Bosses of Siege, the others being Kronos and the Legionary Crasher, and thus, it is exclusive to that game mode. It was added on June 5th, 2021, the same day Siege was reworked.


Ragnarok features a multi-layered body similar to the Celestials, but has four layers, starting from topmost to bottommost: pentagon, heptagon, nonagon, hendecagon. The topmost layer has five Gunner Cruiser turrets, which takes the appearance of a Gunner but with swarm spawners on place of side cannons; the second-to-top layer has seven wide Sprayer-like auto turrets that actually fire projectiles in the appearance and functionality of Auto-Smashers; the second-to-bottom layer has nine unique Gem-shaped drone spawners, with the spawners themselves having short trapezoidal shape that goes slimmer away from the layer, opposite to the usual spawner; the bottommost layer has eleven Trapper auto turrets.


Ragnarok, being a final Boss of Siege, has extremely high health and very powerful set of weapons on its arsenal that far exceed most other Bosses, as well as being very large enough to take almost the whole screen when present. It has a 1 in 3 chance to be the final Boss to spawn at Wave 34, accompanied with a unique notification saying “Do you believe in Ragnarok?”. Unlike the earlier waves, Ragnarok directly spawns at the middle of the map. It initially appears small, but gradually gets bigger until its actual size in the span of five seconds. It is also invulnerable during that time, only becoming vulnerable once reaching its actual size and beginning to attack. While growing, it cannot attack players. Defeating it ends the game as victory for the players. Its topmost and second-to-bottom layers spin counterclockwise, while the second-to-top and bottommost layers spin clockwise.

Its Gunner Cruiser turrets are somewhat Freyja’s unique weaponries combined together, but both projectile types deal slightly higher damage.

Its Sprayer-shaped turrets act more like a Deployer, as they fire projectiles literally shaped like Auto-Smashers. These Auto-Smashers, called “Auto Smasher” without hyphen, deal fatal damage to anyone directly hit by them, while their auto turret bullets deals low damage, but can continuously do so if they connect to their target. Unlike the playable tank, these projectiles will eventually despawn after receiving enough damage or upon hitting a wall, but otherwise, they continue travelling to the direction they were shot at.

The Gem drones it spawns are extremely tough and very dangerous. They deal high to fatal damage upon collision. The boss can have up to 18 gem drones at a time.

Its Trapper auto turrets serve as its defensive weapons. They act similar to the ones used by the Celestials, that being not actively targeting any player, and has some form of “swinging” motion due to the layer’s continuous spinning. The traps they fire are larger, and somewhat slightly stronger.


  • Strong Against: Unaware/slow tanks, All regular classes in battle - especially rammers, small teams.
  • Weak Against: Large Armies of tanks.

Against Ragnarok

  • A massive team of well-coordinated players are needed to take down, let alone damage Ragnarok due to its extremely powerful stats and weapons. Expect a few Sanctuaries to be destroyed once it appears, especially if the initial attack against it didn’t immediately defeat it. Should the first attack also failed, it would be difficult to take Ragnarok down with the inconsistent spawning of players, losing proper coordination.
    • Fortunately, since no other Bosses spawn alongside Ragnarok, players will focus against it, and can possibly take it down quickly without getting any Sanctuaries destroyed. Of course, this is assuming most players use firepower tanks.
  • Use mostly firepower tanks like Destroyer and Triplet to attack Ragnarok. A few Healers are also needed as the Sanctuaries alone cannot heal every tank during the attack.
  • A large group of Penta Shots in the corner may work but comes with risk. If such group fails to defeat Ragnarok, the surviving members may struggle leaving the area either to return to nearby Sanctuaries or to restore them while the onslaught is still happening.
  • A group of Septa-Trappers can provide an easy way of not only helping players regroup together, but also block many if not all of Ragnarok's attacks from reaching them. Be aware that since the final Boss spawn point is at the middle of the arena, the players should not directly position at that area, or else they will immediately die upon the start of the final wave. It is also 100% EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that there should be NO MORE than 4 Septa-Trappers in the middle at a time, or else they will get perma-banned by the developers. A Healer alongside the group of Septa-Trappers in the middle of the map should be constantly healing the tanks blocking the attacks as if they are taking damage from the boss.
  • Make use of the Sanctuaries provided for the team, as it provides healing whenever Healers aren’t available. Its traps may also help block a few projectiles, particularly Ragnarok’s swarm drones.


  • Due to their designs and properties, Ragnarok and Kronos are currently the 2nd strongest Bosses in Arras.io.
  • Ragnarok was previously considered as a Celestial when first added. An update on June 9th, 2021 made it so the name Ragnarok actually applies to the actual Boss itself rather than being a name to distinguish Celestial variants.
    • As such, if the player has killed or performed an assist-kill against Ragnarok, the notification will say “You killed a visiting Ragnarok.” or “You killed a visiting Ragnarok (with some help).” (depending on whether the player somehow managed to solely land the killing blow or it was an assist-kill). Note the word visiting, which is also used on other non-Celestial Bosses in Siege as they do not have a name upon spawning. If you died to any of its attacks, the main cause of the death will say: "succumbed to a Ragnarok" and thus it will say: EX: "an unnamed player killed you with a Ragnarok gem drone"
    • However, there is a possibly that Ragnarok will be considered a variant of Eternal, which Kronos currently is, due to having four layers.
  • In Norse mythology, Ragnarok (often written as Ragnarök), is a series of events on the end of the world, with many deaths involving gods and men.
  • Ragnarok’s existence and eventual addition to the game was leaked first in a datamining effort, along with Theia’s.[1]
  • Upon killing a player, Ragnarok is shown that it spawns with 4 million score, as opposed to the Celestials’ one million score.
  • Ragnarok matches the colors of Gems and Legendary Polygons.
  • Ragnarok originally had a size value of 250 upon being added into the game. When Kronos was added its size value was dropped down to 220 so both Ragnarok and Kronos could be the same size.
  • As of an update, along with Kronos, they spawn small and then grow. Both Kronos and Ragnarok is invulnerable when this happens. They also cannot attack players while growing as well.
  • There is sometimes a chance where Ragnarok may get stuck in between a (destroyed) Sanctuary in the corner, preventing it to reach the other Sanctuaries and/or players. If such thing happens, it can make it impossible to kill Ragnarok without getting close to it, especially if there aren’t enough players to counter its projectiles.
    • In order to perform getting Ragnarok stuck in between a (destroyed) Sanctuary in the corner, a large group of players in that corner to get it far back enough in that corner. depending on which side it got into, a group of at least 2 Triplets minimum should restore a sanctuary upwards or on the side. ( EX: A group of players in the SE corner fail to defeat Ragnarok and there is 4-6 players restoring a sanctuary above and if they succeed, they will successfully get ragnarok stuck in the corner. )
    • Its current spawn message was also used by Kronos when it was first introduced, before receiving a new, unique spawn message.
  • Though Ragnarok was the first final boss officially added into the game, Ragnarok was actually the third final boss to be created, with Kronos being the first, and the Legionary Crasher second. However, both of these bosses were scrapped, so at the time when Ragnarok was added into the mockups, they did not exist.



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