The Ranger is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Assassin at level 45. The upgrade key for it is Y.


The Ranger closely resembles its predecessor; It has a circular body and a single Cannon, which is a long rectangular barrel mounted on a trapezoid base. The barrel is even longer than the Assassin's.


The Ranger has an FoV of 36 grids in the horizontal direction, ranking it at the top in terms of FoV area and second in FoV distance, after a zooming Predator. The Ranger gains additional bullet power and bullet speed at the cost of reload rate.

The Ranger's cannon is almost as long as the diameter of a level 45 tank. Its bullets are generated close to the tip of it. Therefore, the Ranger has the ability to shoot behind a Triangle or an Obstacle.


  • Strong Against: Distant tanks, other sniper classes except for Predator, Destroyer Class, damaged tanks, unwary glass cannons, preoccupied tanks, slow tanks.
  • Weak Against: Close-by tanks, high DPS tanks with good defense, skilled drone classes, fast and agile tanks, multiple enemies, rammers.

As the Ranger

  • The Ranger's FoV is huge. One may want to practice their sense of distance with this tank. One will need Bullet Speed to increase hit-rate on moving targets as well.
  • The Ranger is weak in short-range combat (due to its low DPS and mobility) and has quite a few poor match-ups. Therefore, one should use their FoV to actively avoid enemies before being discovered. Upgrade one's Movement Speed can be life-saving.
  • The Ranger is a challenge tank in FFA as there is no ally or Base to run to for safety; plus, the Ranger is weak against multiple enemies. In Mazes, escape routes and extensiveness of lines-of-fire are too limited for the Ranger to survive.
  • As the archetype sniper, re-position after firing is essential. In fact with the Ranger's powerful bullet, sometimes one step aside and the bullet may just cut around enemy return-fire and finish them.
  • Two or more Rangers with high Bullet Speed attacking from different angles can be very deadly.
  • The Ranger is generally a bad choice in Domination modes due to its low DPS. It may land some surprise attacks on enemy tanks but not enough to have significant impact on the course of the game. An Auto-Assassin is more than enough for the purpose of sniping.
  • Superior FoV confers considerable advantages in long-range battles. Use it against other snipers.
  • Destroyer class that are reloading or boosting and Drone class that have deployed their Drones are examples of perfect sniping target.
  • The Ranger's incomparable FoV allows it to detect invisible tanks before they are fully concealed. The Manager and the Maleficitor may also have a difficult time hiding their non-invisible Drones / tank body. The Ranger's low Reload, however, harshly limits its ability to "sweep mines" that have already turned invisible and can be destroyed without effort once it is within range.

Against the Ranger

  • Sometimes the Ranger deals meager damage to non-rammers presumably because its enemy has high tank body stats - hull upgrades are effective against the Ranger. DPS tanks with those stats may take one or two hits from the Ranger and keep pushing regardless, driving it away or killing it.
  • Streamliner can easily kill one, since streamliner also has a very high FoV
  • The Ranger usually has to invest heavily on bullet stats to have reasonable damage. That means in turn it has little defence stats.
  • Cutting off the Ranger's escape in a coordinated attack usually guarantees a kill because the Ranger relies heavily on kiting and keeping distance. Sometimes other enemies (as in 4TDM) may help in that regard.
  • Drone tanks are very effective against the Ranger once inside FoV. The Ranger does not have the DPS to destroy enough Drones to save themselves before being caught. Skilled Rangers with high Movement Speed may retaliate while avoiding the Drones; the Necromancer's immense horde, however, can prevent it from succeeding.
  • Agile tanks such as the Smashers or the Tri-Angles may chase down the Ranger without taking much damage. Or cut off its escape and assist one's allies.
  • If you are close, most tanks can easily kill the ranger. However, certain ramming classes are still weak against the ranger even if it is close


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