The Ranger is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Assassin at level 45. The upgrade key for it is Y.


The Ranger has a circular base with a trapezoid base overlapping a Cannon that is slightly longer than its predecessor.


The Ranger gains an even further view compared to the Assassin, but has an even slower reload. Its bullets also gain slightly more power and speed.


  • Strong Against: Long range battles, all other snipers (except Predator), Destroyer Class Tanks, slow tanks, tanks with low range, short reaching tanks such as the Machine Gunner, glass cannons and tanks with inaccurate shots.
  • Weak Against: Tanks close up, fast moving tanks, tanks with high RoF, rammers and drone classes.

As the Ranger

  • The Ranger is one of the harder tanks to use, especially when using it for the first time. Overall, it would be a poor choice for players who barely use them.
  • Getting a high score with the Ranger can also be very difficult. Although it's high damage, penetration and bullet speed make it a great way to inflict heavy damage, the low reload makes it hard to farm shapes to slightly add up to the kills a player gets. This tank should also only be used for 3TDM and Domination, as in FFA, it will have no protection from multiple enemies and witch hunters like Overlords.
  • When it comes to attacking other snipers, it can be hard or easy in many different ways. Normal Snipers would normally be easy, Assassins, Predators and Rifles would be harder or easier, however, it depends on skill and patience.
  • Destroyers would be very easy kills, this is mainly because of the Ranger's high FOV. The fact that the Ranger can see far would mean it can use the advantage to make sure they are not ambushed by them. However, the player must make sure they don't get close to the Destroyer, because the slow speed of the Ranger will make it hard for the player to avoid the giant bullet that comes towards the Ranger. Destroyers can also use the big bullets to shield themselves from the powerful shots, so players should attack while the Destroyer is in the process of cool-down.
  • Glass cannons can be easily destroyed in two hits when they are at full health. However, many tend to have fast speed, which would make it easier for them to avoid the Ranger's shots. So players must have a good aim to hit the glass cannon properly.
  • Players will have to be aware if they miss or hit the enemy without dealing enough damage to kill them, the enemy will probably know where the Ranger is and will start to constantly defend themselves. To prevent this from happening, a player must change locations per shot(s).

Against the Ranger

  • If one faces the Ranger if without any upgrades into their hull, it would be a very dangerous fight as the Ranger can kill the player without any problem when the player's body protection and speed is not upgraded. All hull stats maxed out would allow the player to take a whole ton of hits from the Ranger before having to retreat to safety. This would most likely apply to rammers, as the Ranger's low reload and slow movement speed will make it struggle badly.
  • A good way to predict where an off-screen Ranger is to see where the shots come from. However, the shots have to be recognized by how fast they move, how far they are traveling and how many appear on-screen in a rapid succession.
  • Drone tanks are probably the best tanks for fighting a Ranger. The Ranger's slow speed and low ROF will help the player destroy them very easily, as they won't be able to wipe out all of the drones in time before they reach the hull of the Ranger. Skilled Rangers, if they have enough movement speed may try to dodge the drone assaults while shooting back at they player, a Necromancer however can deal with this very easily.
  • Bullet spammers and glass cannon Tri-Angle classes work very well against Rangers. Their good ROF and if their bullets are upgraded, they can block the Ranger's shots and possibly even kill it or just defend itself if the Ranger knows when to escape or attack.


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