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In Arras.io, some Polygons may appear as a Rare Polygon variant. All of them have higher health than normal and reward high amounts of XP when destroyed, but spawn extremely rarely across the map. There are currently four confirmed kinds of Rare Polygons known and can be found naturally, each available for Squares, Triangles, Pentagons, Beta Pentagons and Alpha Pentagons, as well as Jewels and Gems that are their own polygons.

Shiny Polygons

Shiny Polygons, also known as Green Polygons, are distinguishable with their light green color, identical to that of Freyja, as well as their slightly bigger size compared to regular Polygons. Shiny Polygons have 1/50,000 chance of spawning on their own, or may evolve from a Gem, which itself is classified as a Shiny Polygon. As with regular Polygons, a Shiny Square may evolve into a Shiny Triangle sometime later, and so on.

Legendary Polygons

Legendary Polygons are distinguishable with their aquamarine or cyan coloration, which is the same with Gems. Legendary Polygons have 1/1,000,000 chance of spawning on their own, from a Jewel, or may evolve from Shiny Polygons. Like Shiny Polygons, a Legendary Square may evolve into a Legendary Triangle and so on.

Shadow Polygons

Shadow Polygons are distinguishable by their ability to go invisible. Their spawn chance might be 1/100m, and Shadow Squares possibly evolve into Shadow Triangles, and so on. The awarded XP is unknown, but likely very high.

Albino Polygons

The subject of this section is no longer in Arras.io! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played/seen in Arras.io anymore.

Albino Polygons were distinguishable with their white coloration, which was slightly darker than an Egg. Their spawn chance was unknown (1/50k chance of an already shiny shape turning into an Albino once evolving), and they gave an absurd amount of score when destroyed. Strangely, instead of an Albino Square evolving into an Albino Triangle, it would actually evolve into a Shiny Triangle.

Rainbow Polygons

Rainbow Polygons are distinguishable by their color-changing appearance, which is not theme-dependent. Their spawn chance is 1/2,500,000,000 and give massive amounts of XP when destroyed. They do not have a normal evolution pattern, as it does not evolve to the next shape, but either Shiny or Legendary.



Rare Polygon spawn chances according to CX, arras.io Developer. "gem" refers to Legendary Polygons, "broken police light" refers to Epilepsy Polygons, and "???" refers to Rainbow Polygons. This was a long time ago, and some of this is outdated.

  • Rare Polygons were secretly added in an unmentioned update, so the changelog doesn't note their existence.
    • The changelog also never mentions anything about the addition of the Jewels, Albino Polygons, or Shadow Polygons, nor the Epilepsy Polygons’ removal.
    • This is likely to keep them secret to players until they find one, though Reddit and this wiki exist.
  • In older versions of the game when they were first added, a Shiny Pentagon evolving into a Shiny Beta Pentagon used to lose its green coloration and have the regular blue color instead. However, assuming a player had died to it via body damage, the leaderboard would still show its green color.
  • If an Underseer-branch tank turns a Rare Square into a drone, it will be bigger and stronger than the other drones. The increased strength depends on the type of Square; the rarer the polygon is, the stronger the drone will be.
  • Epilepsy Polygons used to appear with flashing Red and Blue team colors, but aren't necessarily part of those teams. They had a 1/100,000,000 chance of spawning on their own. When destroyed, it is estimated that Epilepsy Squares gave 170,552 XP, Epilepsy Triangles gave 501,664 XP, Epilepsy Pentagons gave 1,353,372 XP, Epilepsy Beta Pentagons gave 6,334,000 XP and Epilepsy Alpha Pentagons gave 28,961,000.
    • These polygons are now removed, and are supposedly replaced with the Shadow Polygons.
    • According to CX, the current developer of Arras.io, Epilepsy Polygons used to have 1/25,000,000 chance of spawning, but it was made rarer when someone managed to find it.
  • The theme that a player is using can effect Shiny and Legendary polygons, as they are the same color are the health and shield bars.


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