The Rifle is a Tier 3 Tank in that upgrades from the Sniper at Level 25, and upgrades to Musket. The upgrade key for this tank is H.


The Rifle has a circular tank body as a base and a Cannon mounted on its front. Mounted behind the cannon seems to be another wider cannon, which does not fire.


It fires bullets like the Sniper's, but with a higher reload rate and slightly less damage and size.


  • Strong Against: Usually Destroyer class tanks, unskilled/low health rammers, most Trappers slower ROF tanks and sometimes spammers (this depends on the Rifle's skill and build).
  • Weak Against: Bullet spammers if unskilled, usually drone tanks and Tri-Angle tree tanks if it can't aim very wisely.

As the Rifle

  • The Rifle is a great sniper for beginners, most other snipers don't shoot as fast, which means they will require a whole lot of experience to use decently. The Rifle however is a great way to let beginners learn how snipers should be played and will benefit them when they use different snipers in the future.
  • When going for a high score run, the best way to level up very well is to hunt down tanks that don't move very fast. This includes Triple Twins, Octo Tanks and even other snipers, Octo Tanks and Triple Twins should be fought with penetration and bullet health maxed out. The player's bullets may out-penetrate the weaker stream of bullets and hit the Triple Twin/Octo Tank, dealing decent damage. Sometimes, other snipers can kill the player easily, as they have stronger bullets than the player. In this case, it is best the player gets close in order to land as many shots as possible and defeat them. Watch out for Predators especially when doing this strategy.
  • Destroyers are likely one of the easiest targets in the server if the player can find any. His/her good FOV will help the player make sure they don't get ambushed and not only they will have the advantage over them in general, the player will also have a great ROF where it will make matters worse for the Destroyer. If a Destroyer tries to run from the player, there is really nothing the player can do about it, since snipers like the Rifle have low recoil and don't move very fast, compared to the Destroyer's strong recoil.
  • In Domination, the player must destroy every Trapper they see. Because the player wouldn't want them to start defending all of the Dominators that he/she will need to capture to win the game. When attacking them, aim at the gaps between the traps, the bullets will slip through and strike the Trapper, dealing massive damage.
  • A player can go for low health or unskilled rammers that can't dodge properly, but try to avoid skilled ones with good dodging skills.

Against the Rifle

  • Although the Rifle has lower damage, fighting it is not like battling other snipers. This is because they will have an easier or harder time defeating the player, as they have lower damage and a faster ROF at the same time.
  • Overlords work adaptively well against Rifles. An Overlord player must block as many shots as possible until the get close enough to the Rifle in order to proceed to kill it. Rifles with great experience will either take out the drones one by one with its decent reload, or maneuver around the drones while shooting back at the Overlord. To avoid letting this happen to the player, the player must repel the drones and guide the Rifle between them, before closing the drones in and killing the Rifle. The Necromancer can excel at the "close-in" strategy very well.
  • Spammers are well known to be great counters against Rifles. Try to use the Sprayer, since its penetration is stronger than that of most other spammers. If a Rifle starts spamming at the player, they must shoot towards the spot where the bullets came from and block their path to the player. The player should make sure they are at a mediocre range where the bullets can't reach them nor the Rifle will be too far from the player to do decent damage against it or even hit it. Luring it into a corner is a great idea, they will be destroyed without any problem when cornered.
  • Try to avoid using Penta Shots or Spread Shots against it. Despite their strong defense, Rifles have better bullet strength and an overall more concentrated fire. They will easily out penetrate the Penta/Spred Shot and hit it. The player can stop this by hopefully weakening the damage of the bullet by spamming shots at it.
  • Factories can use their drones to push through the rapid shots. Using it should however be avoided if not very experienced with it.
  • Other snipers work very well against the Rifle, as they have higher damage and penetration for most of the time. Beware that they are easy to underestimate at a close range when using something with a lower ROF such as a Ranger. Stay as far away as possible and the player should be fine. The Hunter and its upgrades are the best since they are effective at any range.
  • Experienced rammers and bullet damage Fighters are definitely one of the best. Just like how all snipers struggle with rammers and "next-to-each other" bullet builds at a close range. Dodge/block most if not all of the bullets and the player should be fine.
  • The fact that Rifles are almost the same as snipers, it still is quite dangerous.
  • Spammers can easily take out Rifles.


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