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The subject of this article is no longer in Arras.io! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played/seen in Arras.io anymore.

Not to be confused with the Celestial, which is a slightly stronger Boss that also appears in Siege.
The darkness arrives as the realms are torn apart!

The Rogue Celestial is one of the Bosses in Arras.io. It is the Rogue variant of the Celestial, and has three variants. Unlike most Bosses, none of the Rogue Celestial variants appear in Siege.


Universal Information

All three Rogue Celestial variants have three Polygon layers similar to regular Celestials, The top layer is a pentagon, the middle being a heptagon and the bottom being a nonagon. The pentagon, heptagon and nonagon layers also have five, seven, and nine weapons equally spaced to their sides, respectively. Every single one has Trapper Auto Turrets for the nonagon layer. All Rogue Celestials have black-colored bodies, identical to Rogue Palisade. Rogue Celestials are smaller than Celestials.


Alviss has Launcher turrets for its top layer, unique Egg-shaped Swarmer drone turrets for the middle layer, and Trapper auto turrets for its bottom layer.


Four Productionist Minions.

Tyr has turrets similar to Elite Gunner’s on its top layer, Productionist minion spawners on its middle layer, and Trapper auto turrets on its bottom layer.


An Auto-Bullet shooting

Fiolnir has Beekeeper turrets on its top layer, Swarm Bee Spawners on its middle layer, and Trapper auto turrets on the bottom.


Universal Information

All Rogue Celestial variants spawn very rarely. Their spawning is always preceded by the message “The darkness arrives as the realms are ripped apart!” by a few seconds, announcing their appearance. Unlike other Bosses, they also have a unique message upon being defeated: “A Rogue Celestial has fallen!” as opposed to the default “A visitor has left!”.

Rogue Celestials have very restricted spawning conditions:

  • They cannot appear in Siege, Maze or FFA.
  • Their spawning is limited to only one boss spawn at a time.
  • They can only spawn in one server at a time (most of the time, it seems there are a few exceptions to this rule)

If successfully spawned, the Rogue Celestial tends to be spawned outside of the Pentagon Nest, however this is not a guarantee.

Compared to regular Celestials, Rogue Celestials have slightly lesser health and weaker weapons.


Alviss’s Launcher turrets shoot missiles in the likeliness of the playable tank’s version, although potentially stronger.

Its Egg-shaped Swarm drones potentially act in the same way as with other Celestials’, but due to the turrets each having only one Swarm spawner, they aren’t as numerous as them.


Tyr’s Gunner Turrets and similar to that of the Elite Gunner’s but there are 5 of them instead of 2.

Its Spawners, called Productionist minion spawners, make fast minions at a decent rate, but those minions are temporary, similar to the Swarm drones seen on tanks like Carrier. They also try to ram their target instead of avoiding that like other minions.


Fiolnir’s “Beekeeper” turrets shoot powerful bullets that have auto-turrets on them. The side turrets do not shoot, but the Auto Turrets on the Bullets do.

Its Bee Spawners can also make it difficult to avoid and can easily overwhelm players, in addition to the Auto Bullet’s Bullets.


  • Strong Against: Small armies of tanks.
  • Weak Against: Large armies of tanks.

Against the Rogue Celestial

    • With lack of Sanctuaries or Healers upon encountering it, the Rogue Celestial can easily destroy tanks as there would be no form of supporting entities to assist them (with probable exception being Base Protectors and captured Dominators). As such, it should not be underestimated despite being designed as weaker than the other Celestials.
    • While typical strategies against Celestials in general potentially apply to The Rogue Celestial as well, beware of the other team also going in to take the chance to kill the Rogue Celestial, or to make a sneak attack against the player’s team. Having crowd-control tanks is recommended to fend off possible intruders, while also dealing some damage against the Boss.
    • Alviss and Fiolnir are typically considered to be stronger than Tyr, due to their heavy weapons, which are stronger overall. The top layers of both Alviss and Fiolnir shoot out very strong projectiles, whereas Tyr has rapid fire but somewhat weak gunner turrets. The second layers are also quite noticeable, Fiolnir has extremely strong swarm turrets, and Alviss has extremely fast egg drones that shoot out of its second layer, whereas Tyr has minions which are about the standard speed, making it relatively easy to move around and doge, and along with that multiple players can fight Tyr at once and thus overwhelm the drones. Because of this, it becomes exponentially easier to beat Tyr when fighting with a group, but against Alviss and Fiolnir, though due to the extra backup strength, it doesn’t become as easy as Tyr, due to the heavy weapons from both bosses generally being able to knock out quite a few players. Also, for Alviss and Fiolnir, try using wider spread bullet spammer tanks (so no drones can flank) and have trap protection, along with a few Rocketeers to penetrate the traps that they lay.
  • While the Base can quickly make work of the Rogue Celestial with its drones and potentially steal a player’s chance to kill one, luring them towards the player’s team Base may be useful if there aren’t enough players to fight it on the server and the Rogue Celestial must be ridden off.


  • Alviss was the first Rogue Celestial added on the game.
  • Due to their restricted spawning conditions, the Rogue Celestial is the rarest Boss type within the game.
  • All three of these bosses were leaked by u/HIYTSgvsgsg on Reddit.
  • As with the regular Celestials, each of the Rogue Celestial’s names appears to be based off various fictional, mythological or religious symbols.
    • Alviss is a dwarf in Norse mythology, whose name means “all-wise”.
    • Tyr was the Norse god of war, a brave warrior and member of the Aesir tribe, he championed order and justice.
    • Fiolnir is a legendary king in Norse mythology said to have been the son of Freyr and his consort Gerðr.
  • Upon killing a player, the Rogue Celestial is shown that it spawns with 1 million score.
  • The Rogue Celestial and the Rogue Palisade are the only Bosses to have black coloration on their main bodies. They also have “Rogue” as part of their names (not counting the specific variants of Rogue Celestial), which probably refers to their main color.
    • This could have other lore implications later down the road.
  • According to one of the developers, the original Celestial concept they had in mind was that they are involved in some lore, in which the Egg Celestial went on and “devoured the modes outside of siege”. This could be a possible reason on why Rogue Celestials never spawn in Siege, as well as that most of them also uses Egg-based ammunition.
    • Alviss has Egg drones, Tyr has white Productionist minions, and Fiolnir has White Auto-bullets.
  • Fiolnir has Auto Bullets, and Tyr has Productionist minions, ammunition that is not in any known tank. This might be a hint at some new tanks in the future.
  • The Auto Bullets are very similar to the Inceptioner’s bullets, for those Woomy.Arras.io players.


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