The Rogue Palisade is a boss found in The tank is also available to be battled.


The Rogue Palisade has a huge black hexagon as its base with 6 factory barrels on its sides and 6 trap launcher turrets on the corners.


  • The boss itself has every stat fully upgraded except the speed stat. This is proven by accessing it using devmode.
  • The trap turrets will attack independently which means at least 6 people could be attacked.
  • it has 6 minions which can be controlled if accessed with devmode, they aren't really strong but can pose a threat.
  • The best way to deal with it is to use a long range class like ranger or auto-4, this way you can deal with the minions and the traps.


  • Black Boss Sighting

    Black Boss Sighting

    This boss was suggested to Neph by Fillygroove, also known as Tacocat247 on FANDOM.
  • it was added right after Neph's arras server closed.
  • This is the first boss that actually is fully controllable by the player through Devmode.
    • If accessed by that way, it may upgrade to either of the three Elite Crashers, “Skimboss”, or Arena Closer.


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