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The Rogue Palisade is a boss found in Arras.io that was first sighted on June 2nd, 2018. The tank is also available to be battled. When spawning, players are notified of when it spawns or dies. It appears on the map as a black dot and is larger than a Dominator. It can have a maximum of 12 minions and its trapper turrets are permanently set to auto-fire mode. The Rogue Palisade naturally has auto-spin enabled.


The Rogue Palisade has a huge black hexagon as its base with 6 factory barrels on its sides and 6 trap launcher turrets on the corners.


  • The boss itself has every stat fully upgraded except the speed stat. This is proven by accessing it using devmode.
  • The trap turrets will attack independently which means at least 6 people could be attacked.
  • It has 6 minions which can be controlled if accessed with devmode, they aren't really strong but can pose a threat.
  • The best way to deal with it is to use a long range class like the Ranger or Auto-4, this way you can deal with the minions and the traps.
  • The boss can spawn up to 12 minions.
  • Before the Boss Event, the boss used to be immobile as it didn't target anything itself and its Minions were independent, attacking anything that gets near the Rogue Palisade. As of the Boss Event Update, the Rogue Palisade can now move and attack by itself, as well as being able to control its Minions.
  • The minions are destroyed by Maze Walls in all types of Maze modes.


  • The Rogue Palisade is a stronghold and is more defensive than offensive. Staying far away using a sniper class is one way to beat it.
    • Bullet spammers are also good.
  • Don't use rammers and trappers against this tank, because they're weak against this tank.
  • Destroyers classes are okay, just be sure to avoid the minions.
  • Drone classes aren't very effective due to the huge health pool, so use a different tank instead.
  • Since the Rogue Palisade can sometimes spawn together with a Summoner/Elite Skimmer/Nest Keeper, beware of them while fighting the Rogue Palisade.
  • Almost all other classes can defeat the Rogue Palisade as long as they avoid the traps. Each bullet from the Minions deal minimal damage, but can take you out quickly when all 12 are attacking you, so be sure to keep killing them while fighting it.
  • Team up to kill it.

Known Names

  • Akkerman
  • Anaxagoras
  • Berezhany
  • Bilhorod
  • Brody
  • Dobromyl
  • Isiaslav
  • Kaffa
  • Lutsk
  • Mangup
  • Olesko
  • Palanok
  • Zolochiv


  • Black_Boss_Sighting

    Black Boss Sighting

    This boss was suggested to Neph by Fillygroove, also known as Tacocat247 on FANDOM.
  • It was added right after Neph's arras server closed.
  • This is the first boss that actually is fully controllable by the player through Devmode.
    • If accessed by that way, it may upgrade to either of the three Elite Crashers, “Skimboss”, or Arena Closer.
  • All of the names are castle names.
    • Interestingly, all of the names are also related to Ukraine in some way.
    • Dobromyl ,Bilhorod ,Berezhany ,Brody ,Zolochiv, Olesko ,and Lutsk are all cities/settlements in Ukraine.
    • Akkerman is the former name of the city of Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, which is another city in Ukraine which was also covered above.
    • Kaffa is the former name of the city of Feodosia, a city in Crimea,which Ukraine had control over until 2014.
    • Mangup is the name of a fortress in Crimea, which Ukraine had control of until 2014.
    • Palanok is the name of a Ukrainian castle.
    • Isiaslav is a slight change from "Iziaslav", an old Ukrainian King.
    • Surprisingly enough, it only uses the castle names on the Private Server Templates (if not changed). On the normal Arras Servers, it uses the Elite Crashers' Names.
    • Fun Fact: The name "Palanok" appears twice in the private server template, meaning that there is a chance where a message will say "Palanok and Palanok have arrived!".
  • It is the only Hexagon Boss currently.
  • It is also the only Hexagon Tank that rotates.
  • It's one of the only bosses that spawns minions, along with Nyx and Tyr also spawning them. Otherwise no boss spawns minions.
    • Its Minion Spawners tend to look like wide swarm Spawners for some reason.
  • It's also the only boss that uses Trapper Turrets.
  • Before appearing, the message "A strange trembling..." will appear on the top of the screen.
  • Fortress's old name is "Palisade".
  • It used to be the only boss that is immobile until the Boss Event update, as well as being unable to target things itself or control its Minions. As of the Boss Event update, it is now able to move, control its minions and target players itself. Private Servers however still have the old Rogue Palisade's behaviour.
  • The Rogue Palisade spawns with the third most amount of XP (500k), the second being the Celestials and Rogue Celestials (being 1m) and First being Ragnarok and Kronos (Being 4M)
  • It tends to be the only non-Elite Crasher boss that may spawn on Private Servers by default (if it isn't changed).


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