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They’ve been in the game for some weeks anyway

Not to be confused with Elite Crasher, a Boss that is an even larger Crasher with more weapons on it..

The Sentry is a Crasher-based Polygon that spawns within the Pentagon Nests. It is stronger compared to normal ones, and there are different variants of it, each possessing different weapons.


All variants of Sentry have a pink triangle as the body, like Crashers, except that they are larger, and tougher.

The variants of Sentries are:

  • Swarm Sentry: A Swarm Sentry has a Crasher Spawner which shaped a trapezoid, on its back.
  • Gun Sentry: A Gun Sentry has a Mega-3 Turret centered on its body.
  • Trap Sentry: A Trap Sentry has a Launcher Turret centered on its body.

The rare variants of Sentries have a green triangle as the body, as well as slightly different weapons:

  • Swarm Sentry: A rare Swarm Sentry has a Spawner on its back, but not inverted as opposed to the regular variant.
  • Gun Sentry: A rare Gun Sentry has an Artillery Turret centered on its body.
  • Trap Sentry: A rare Trap Sentry has a Barricade Turret centered on its body.


Sentries are uncommonly found near to the center of the map along with Crashers, serving as enemies found within Pentagon Nests. They have a fairly high shield and health stats, but somewhat slow movement speed.

Some variants have farther detection range for their weapon than the Sentries themselves, on which they will only begin approaching players within a shorter range. Each variant uses their weapon varyingly:

  • Swarm Sentry: It shoots Crasher-like drones, as well as recoiling towards its target.
  • Gun Sentry: It shoots bullets using the small cannon on them, directed towards its target.
  • Trap Sentry: It shoots small traps out of the Launcher Turret, directed towards its target.

Sentries stop chasing their targets if they have left from a certain distance, or have hidden themselves behind Maze walls. Sentries collide with other Polygons, and like Crashers, will instantly die upon colliding with Maze walls.

In Siege, Sentries only spawn during the start of each wave, with varying amount of them randomly spawning from the four spawning locations that the Bosses come from. They begin moving onto the center, often starting to target players upon reaching the red barrier. However, they will prioritize attacking Sanctuaries once they entered their detection range, and proceeds to ram into them, killing themselves. Sentries have higher health in this game mode.

Also, in this gamemode exclusively, there is a small chance of spawning rare Sentries. They are comparable to Shiny and Legendary Polygons, and have stronger weaponries compared to regular Sentries.

  • Swarm Sentry: It has slightly faster fire rate, shooting Crasher-like drones towards its target.
  • Gun Sentry: It shoots additional smaller bullets in addition to the default bullets, directed towards its target.
  • Trap Sentry: It shoots more traps out of the Launcher Turrets, directed towards its target.


  • Strong Against: Tanks caught in surprise, tanks with melee-based build (unless the Sentry has been damaged).
  • Weak Against: Bullet spammers and high DPS tanks.

Against the Sentries

Since Sentries have bigger shields and weapons to attack, players are recommended to attack Sentries with bullet spammers/High DPS tanks like the Twin branch, the Minigun branch, and the Sprayer, or even Pounder branch, as they can easily shred through the shield and health of the Sentries. Sniper classes can also defeat one due to the bullet knockback and the sentry's low movement speed, as well as their short detection range to chase them.

Using ramming strategies is not recommended due to the Sentries' high shield and health stats, which potentially overpower almost any maxed out ramming builds, unless the Sentry is low on health.


  • Sentries look like large crashers with some small weapons.
  • The Trap Sentry's Turret is bugged in the Private Server Template, as it doesn't shoot.
  • Previously, the Trap Sentry's turret only pointed backwards behind the Sentry and cannot swivel. This was changed in an update.
  • The Swarm Sentry greatly resembles a mini version of a Guardian from the original Diep.io, with the only difference having an inverted spawner.
    • The rare version resembles it as well, now only having a green body instead of pink.
    • It used to be called a “Guardian Lite,” before more variants were added.
      • In Woomy-Arras.io, the sentry is still called “Guardian Lite.”
  • Minion versions of the Sentries are used by the Elite Spawner as one of its attacks.
    • 10A01E60-0568-41A8-AB97-782A269C9A7B.jpg
      The Elite Legions spawns massive versions of these minions as well.
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