The Septa-Trapper is one of the Tier 4 Tanks that upgrades from the Tri-Trapper and not upgrade further. The upgrade key is I.


The Septa-Trapper features a circular base with seven Launchers slightly smaller than normal ones, mounted on its sides with equal spaces.


The Septa-Trapper, when upgraded into, adds four more evenly spaced trap launchers around its body.


  • Strong Against: Nothing for offense, but it can be good at defending against rammers, and saving teammates.
  • Weak Against: Every classes when being cornered, drone classes, especially swarming ones (e.g. Cruisers, Underseers, Carriers, etc.)

As the Septa-Trapper

  • The Septa-Trapper is great in building trap barricades. This can be done by spinning the tank while firing traps, also allowing also for a retreat point for teammates. Only use in team game modes.
  • Assemble a team of at least 3 Hexa Trappers or Septa Trappers, and go to any 4 corners of the map. As stated above, press C and E to spin and fire traps. The traps will naturally float ahead of you, even if the launchers are behind you. This will result in a truly devastating defense that literally cannot be destroyed by a single enemy. (Note - this can work with a lone person, but it is recommended to use a Hexa-Trapper instead of a Septa Trapper)

Against the Septa-Trapper

  • Avoid getting near to the Septa-Trapper, especially when firing traps. Assaulting a single side of its trap barricade should force it and its teammate(s), if present, to fall back or break in defense. If you are a drone class avoid the traps at all costs.
  • Some tanks that are effective against the Septa-Trapper are Overseer-branch tanks, especially the swarm-shooting ones as the drones can go around the traps this tank lays out.


  • Its original name was the Hepta-Trapper.
    • The original Hepta-Trapper was replaced by the Hexa-Trapper, which has one less Launcher and an Auto Turret mounted on it. However, it was then re-added under the name Septa-Trapper.
    • The prefix sept- means seven or relating to seven, which makes sense because the Septa-Trapper has seven trapper barrels.


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