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The Shotgun is one of the current Tier 4 Tanks that may upgrade from the Pounder at Level 45 and does not upgrade further. Its upgrade key is H.


The Shotgun has a circular body and a Cannon the same width as the Pounder. A trapezoidal base overlaps the cannon. Its barrel is slightly longer than the Pounder Cannon.


Upon upgrade the Shotgun enjoys a significant boost to its FoV. Its cannon now shoots 9 bullets at a time. The bullets have different sizes (albeit always smaller than a Basic bullet's) and has a very high muzzle velocity, bestowing the Shotgun with an impressive output at close range. However, the bullets decelerate rapidly and spread widely over the distance. Both render the tank ineffective at long range.


  • Strong Against: Most classes if they are close, rammers, tanks with low DPS (damage per second) and slow tanks.
  • Weak Against: High DPS bullet spammers, kiting tanks, and usually the Director branches.

As the Shotgun

  • Players should always get as close as possible to their target to land most if not all shots on their target, it will deal critical damage and possibly kill them instantly.
  • At long range the spreading shower could be useful for finishing off tanks with extremely low health. It is unreliable as the spread is random though.
  • Although Shotgun bullets do excellently against tanks, they do very poorly against almost all kinds of ammunition. Therefore, the Shotgun is very suitable for flanking. Upgrade movement speed and flank enemies while they are engaging your teammates (you will not add much by firing alongside your teammate). As a Shotgun's teammate, one should close in on the enemy as the Shotgun starts to flank because the enemy will target the Shotgun instead of you once it is close to them.
  • Shotguns are also useful for stealing boss kills and also furtively rob the final blow on a Dominator from a different team. This requires patience and especially moving around is recommended if the entity targets the player. When trying to steal a Dominator, players should have some backup from their team and should also clear out any Destroyers or other insta-kill tanks. However, if the player can stay close for such a long duration, they might be better off simply killing their enemies.
  • If a rammer attacks the player, the player should start aiming at the rammer and land as many clumps as possible, the rammer will take heavy damage, and either should run or die, giving the EXP to the player. When going against a fast-moving rammer (Booster e.g.), the player should try to get it to accidentally run into the bullets, the best way to cause this is to shoot slightly in front of the rammer. This especially works well against rammers that try to dodge the clumps.
  • With very high bullet speed, Shotgun bullets may slip through bullets like Nailgun bullets do. The effect is less remarkable as the bullets are larger and it requires the Shotgun to be close to its target.
  • Consider holding fire until target is in effective range. This conceals the Shotgun's bullet speed from enemies.
  • The Shotgun has a large FoV. It is mostly not for aiming but for fleeing from tanks that it is weak against.
  • Sometimes, the Shotgun can be extremely useful against spread-fire spammers. Easy targets would be Octo Tanks, Triple Shots, or Twins. However, stronger ones such as Penta Shots should be fought with caution, unless of course, they can be ambushed from behind when it is using their recoil. This clever strategy would require for fighting against all tanks with high recoil.
  • Shotguns are slightly more effective at medium ranges than other destroyer class tanks because it has a higher bullet speed. Besides, the destroyer class may not be able to respond to a Shotgun's blasts despite their bullets being completely capable of blocking them.

Against the Shotgun

  • Assaulting Shotguns at close range is extremely dangerous. In fact, all non-rammers will have an easier time shooting them from a distance, even as the Machine Gunner.
  • Most focused fire bullet spammers can match up to Shotguns very well. They are going to fill the space between them and the Shotgun with their bullets between a Shotgun's consecutive shots. If the player gets caught at close range, they may die, but if they survive the shots, they should start shooting back at the Shotgun, blocking its bullets and retaliating.
  • For disperse bullet spammers such as the Penta Shot and the Cyclone the Shotgun should not pose much threat as it will not be able to approach. Do note that, however, do not feel safe simply because you are surrounded by friendly bullets, you must aim properly and put bullets between the two of you.
  • Snipers can simply stay far as possible, either tanking no damage from the shots whatsoever at a distant range, or getting hit, but taking little damage. Since Sniper classes are great for long range and Shotguns are only good for close range, the player will have no trouble hitting the Shotgun multiple times. Plus, the Sniper's strong bullets will easily out-penetrate the Shotgun at a far range.
  • Any kind of drone tank is very effective, since the Shotgun's low reload, short range and lack of recoil will cause it to have trouble defending itself from the drones. Claw it if it is safely far away. Players should be wary that a Shotgun that can aim very decently can eliminate the drones with mediocre ease. Tanks with lots of drones such as Underseers or Battleships should not have any problem with this, however, swarming is advised to make sure a Shotgun would struggle for sure.


  • A Shotgun can destroy a Beta Pentagon in 4 hits while up close with maxed Bullet Penetration, and Damage. Nothing special really, as it takes forever for the 4 shots to fire and all other tanks can destroy it faster anyway.
  • The Shotgun has possibly the lowest Reload value in the game, paired with the Overseer class.
  • Shotgun bullets are referred to "shells" as seen in the notification of being killed by one. This is inspired by the fact that shells are normally used for shotgun ammo in real life.
  • The Shotgun shoots similarly like the Hunter before its update.


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