The Single is a Tier 4 Tanks that upgrades from the Basic at Level 45, making the player stay as the Basic until Level 45. It currently has no upgrade key.


The Single features a circular base as its body and a Cannon mounted on its front. A trapezoid base overlaps the Cannon.


Upon upgrading to the Single, Bullet Damage, Penetration, and Speed are all slightly improved, while Reload is slightly decreased.


  • Strong Against: unprotected Tanks, low Rate of Fire classes, Destroyers, some Drone classes.
  • Weak Against: some Drone classes, Triple Shot branch, ranged classes.

As the Single

  • The Single has powerful firepower that can rapidly destroy unaware tanks. However, it is hindered by its limited Field of View, so it is best to attack targets as soon as they appear.
  • Pick on unprotected, lone, or low health tanks as they stand no chance against the Single's powerful firepower.
  • Do not stay in areas with groups of enemy high DPS tanks, as they can easily overwhelm the Single’s firepower.
  • Singles should flee from Drone tanks, particularly Necromancers, since they can easily destroy the player. The only time Singles should attack them is if they're extremely low on health, or has the right build (high reload and penetration).
  • The Single's recoil is fairly significant, giving it decent Movement Speed. Upgrading movement speed may have a chance to escape from rammers when in low health.

Against the Single

  • Tanks should be wary of the Single's powerful firepower and should block it all times, since just a couple of Bullets can knock out most Tanks.
  • As a class with high Field of View, like the Sniper, the player can shoot at it with ease, since the Single has a very limited FoV and will be helpless.
  • Tanks in the Director tree should attack the Single since it's Bullets are fairly ineffective against Drones and its Field of View is limited.
  • Tanks with spread firepower, such as the Penta Shot can easily defeat the Single, since their wall of Bullets keeps them protected, while overwhelming the enemy.
  • Rammers can typically take down the Single, although its high Reload and Damage can make this difficult at times.


  • The Single is currently the only Tank to skip 2 Tiers to be upgraded into (Tank => No upgrade, Level 10 => No upgrade, Level 25 => Single, Level 45).
  • The Single is currently the only Tank with a white background.
  • The upgrade key for the Single used to be O, but now there is no upgrade key.


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