The Skimmer is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that upgrades from Artillery at Level 45 and can't upgrade further. The upgrade key for this tank is H.


It is the same as's version, although the main cannon is a tad bit larger, as well as the inside cannon which is further in.


  • Its Bullets (often called Missiles) have two small, similarly colored, cannons that are positioned 100 degrees apart, positioned closer to the back of the Missile. The Missile's cannons shoot smaller bullets in the shape of a V behind the Missile Missiles move slower than most Destroyer Class bullets.
    • The Missiles launched from this tank have half the strength of a Destroyer bullet. The extra bullets fired from the Missile are 0.8 times as strong as Gunner bullets.
    • Increasing bullet stats will affect both the missile and its bullets.
  • Despite being a Destroyer-based tank, it has an extremely small amount of recoil when firing.
  • The Skimmer’s FoV becomes that of a Sniper.
  • The damage stat reduces.


  • Strong Against: Low DPS Tanks, Slow Tanks, Sprayers (if used properly), Trappers, Builders, Melee build.
  • Weak Against: High DPS Tanks, Focus-Fire Tanks such as Triplets or Streamliners, Other Destroyer Branch Tanks, most Drone users.

As the Skimmer

  • As the Skimmer, you definitely want to get close up to your enemy.
  • Take out basic, low DPS tanks.
  • Slow tanks are also a great target.
  • Do a surprise attack by getting behind and far from the enemy and attack it from there.
  • Use the extended FoV as an advantage to detect and kill more enemy attacks.

Against the Skimmer


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