The Smasher is a Tier 3 Tanks in, which upgrades from Basic only if the player reached level 25 without choosing any Tier 2 upgrades. The Smasher may upgrade to the Mega Smasher, Spike, Auto-Smasher, or the Landmine at level 45.


The Smasher has a circular body with a black hexagon spinning beneath it. It has no ranged weapon, relying on its body as its weapon.


Having no weapons and ranged capabilities, the Smasher is a pure melee tank, relying heavily on its body damage to ram and smash into other tanks. Any Stats upgrades for bullet were removed, but the remaining stats increases in size, allowing for further upgrade. It also gains a new stat, called "Engine Acceleration", which determines how quickly the Smasher gains acceleration.


  • Strong Against: Drone classes if used correctly, slower tanks, low RoF tanks
  • Weak Against: High RoF tanks, fast tanks

As the Smasher

  • Smashers should always be careful. If they engage a tank without killing it for too long and then attempt to retreat, the other tank can kill them before they make it out of bullet range.
  • Keep an eye on the maximum health and body damage. It is highly recommended to upgrade those stats, since they are both essential for taking out Polygons and defeating enemy tanks.
    • However, what isn't recommended is fully upgrading those stats when you want to use a Tier 4 Smasher tank with cannons that shoot bullets. In that case, save some points for upgrading the bullets of the Tier 4 Tank.

Against the Smasher

  • Drone tanks should be wary of Smashers and keep their Drones nearby, unless they are a very skilled player. Any tanks with high DPS can easily fend off any Smasher.
  • Use a fast tank to run away from this tank, such as the Tri-Angle.
  • Use a tank with a high reload, such as the Machine Gun and/or the Twin branched tanks.


  • The former upgrade key for the Smasher used to be K, but now it has no upgrade key.


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