The Sniper is one of the current Tier 2 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Basic at level 10. The Sniper may further upgrade into the Assassin, Hunter, Minigun, and Rifle at level 25. It can also upgrade into the Bushwhacker at level 45. The upgrade key for this tank is U.


The Sniper has a circular base and a Cannon mounted on its front. The Cannon is slightly longer than that of the Basic.


The Sniper, when upgraded into, gains a larger field of vision (FoV) and more powerful, speedier bullets overall, but at the cost of slower reload.


  • Strong Against: Tanks that are far away from the Sniper, low FoV tanks
  • Weak Against: Tanks that are close to the Sniper, high FoV tanks

As the Sniper

  • Players should use the Sniper's high FoV to pick their battles and snipe tanks from long range.
  • The Sniper's high penetration can be used defensively to take out ammunition that comes too close.

Against the Sniper

  • Due to the Sniper's low reload, a tank with concentrated firepower can easily overwhelm it.
  • Ambushing the Sniper at a close range will make it an easier target. Vertically ambushing it is easier than horizontally ambushing it due to its FoV.


  • In the early versions, The Sniper can upgrade into the Rifle at Level 25.


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