The subject of this article is no longer in! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in anymore.

The Sniper-3 is one of Removed Tier 4 Tanks in, which upgraded from the Auto-3 and didn't upgrade any further. Its upgrade key was O.


The Sniper-3 featured a round body like most of other tanks, and has 3 Auto-Turrets, that has longer Cannon than the Auto-3's and overwrapped by a trapezoid, with 120 degrees apart from each other.


When upgrading from the Auto-3, its Bullet Speed, Bullet Health, and Bullet Penetration were buffed. Instead, the Reload was lowered and the Movement Speed was made slower. It also got buff on the FoV, on both body and the Auto Turrets, the Acceleration and Recoil is decreased for the return.


  • Strong against: Tanks with a low RoF.
  • Weak against: Other auto tanks, Spread tanks, teams of tanks.

As the Sniper-3

  • It is great to go against tanks with a low reload (aka low rate of fire).
  • To shoot from more directions, enable autospin and it would be highly recommended to maximize reload too.
  • Run away from team of tanks, since these tanks can be dangerous against this tank.
  • Use the high FoV as an advantage to take out tanks from afar. It is recommended to upgrade bullet damage while picking off tanks from long ranges, too.

Against the Sniper-3

  • A team of tanks going against this tank would outperform this tank and defeat it easily.
  • Tanks that can spread can take out this tank as well.
  • Try defeating this tank in close range with an auto tank.


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