The Spawner is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in which upgrades from the Director and upgrades to the Factory and Auto-Spawner. Its upgrade key is H.


The Spawner has a Minion Spawner that looks like a rectangle with a short and wider one at the tip, overwrapped by another fat rectangle.


The Spawner can spawn up to 4 Drones that looks like the Basic, called Minions. It can be controlled like normal drones, but they also can shoot weak Bullets from their Cannons.


Strong against: Snipers, Most Overseer branches, Tanks with low reload speed

Weak against: Bullet spammers, Cruiser branches, Factories

As the Spawner

  • You should go for Sniper classes, as they have low bullet penetration and you can spam Bullets to destroy it.
  • When facing rammers, try not to let the rammer get between you and the Minions.
  • When you face the Factory, you should flee because it has more Minions than you.

Against the Spawner

  • As a rammer, try to get its Minions away from it, then finish it off before it sends its Minions back.
    • This strategy is also an option that most other offensive tanks can use, although the strategy can become more situational.
  • As the Sniper, shoot between the Minions to hit the Spawner itself.
  • As the Cruiser, you can let your Swarms go through the player's Bullets, then hit the Spawner.


  • It is one of the only Tier 3 Tanks that use Minions as the ammunition.
  • It was removed once, but it was re-added.


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