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The subject of this article is no longer in Arras.io! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in Arras.io anymore.

The Splasher is one of the Removed Mockup Tanks in Arras.io. It upgraded from the Blaster at level 45 and couldn't upgrade any further. Its upgrade key was H.


The Splasher looks almost identical to the current Sprayer, having a trapezium shaped Cannon followed by a long Cannon underneath.


Due to it being a Mockup Tank, it has unknown stats.

It may worked like the current Sprayer, but the Machine Gun Cannon's stats replaced by the Blaster's.


  • Strong against: Any Tanks which are strong against the Blaster, low Bullet Health Tanks
  • Weak against: Any Tanks which are weak against the Blaster

As the Splasher

  • Use this as the Blaster with an additional Cannon.
  • Since the Blaster has less spraying then the Machine Gun, the additional Cannon may allow more focused shooting.
  • It can also use the Sprayer's strategies.

Against the Splasher

  • Think it as the Blaster too.
  • Almost any strategy that works with the Blaster, will work with this Tank too.
    • The strategy with low Bullet Health may not work with this, as some of its Bullets might be deleted by the additional Cannon's Bullets.


  • It seems like the Gatling Gun with an extra Cannon under the pre-existing Cannon, but it didn't upgrade from the Gatling Gun.