The Sprayer is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Machine Gun at Level 45. It cannot upgrade any further. The upgrade key for this tank is H.


The Sprayer's appears to be a Machine Gun except with a Cannon mounted below the Machine Gun Cannon. The width of the Second Cannon is that of a Basic's.


Just like it's predecessor, the Sprayer shoots Bullets twice as fast as a normal Basic, but with more inaccurate shots. With two cannons, the Sprayer could use it's buffed Reload and Recoil to it's advantage.


  • Strong Against: Tanks within its FoV, Low Penetration and Low DPS tanks, Rammers, Unaware tanks.
  • Weak Against: High penetration Tanks, Sniper-Type Classes, Skilled Drone classes.

As the Sprayer

  • Players should use the Sprayer's buffed recoil to quickly move around the map and chase players.
  • The Machine Gun's reduced accuracy is, in some ways, an advantage, making it better at farming and getting off-screen kills.
  • Luring players into Rock Fields is another way to defeat them. Since rocks reflect bullets, you could shoot bullets at rocks to attempt to make trickshots and even use rocks as a shield to defend against other high DPS tanks.

Against the Sprayer

  • Using tanks with longer FoV than the Sprayer (like the Assassin or Hunter Branch) could bring an advantage against the Sprayer. Sniper classes are also especially useful against Sprayers because of their buffed Penetration.
  • Keeping track of your health is key to battling the Sprayer in close-range. Since the Sprayer is one of the tanks with the highest DPS, you got to use other tanks that can even match it's spray. Tanks like the Triplet and the Auto-Gunner can match up against the Sprayer.
  • If you are a Rammer, the only way to defeat a Sprayer would be to attack it when it's at low health or when it's trying to fight another tank. Sprayers have a surprisingly high amount of DPS, so you can't attack one head on.


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