The subject of this article is no longer in! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in anymore.

The Sprayer is one of the removed Arras Tier 4 Tanks that would have upgraded from the Gatling Gun at Level 45. The Sprayer didn't upgrade further. The upgrade key for this tank would have been Y.


The Sprayer featured a round body, and it looked like 2 Gatling Gun Cannons in a row.


Due to being a Mockup Tank, it has unknown stats.
It Probably acted like 2 Gatling Guns.


  • Strong against: Gatling Gun, Hexa Tank branches.
  • Weak against: Pounder branches.

As the Sprayer

  • The Sprayer should be played like a stronger Gatling gun.
  • The Sprayer can easily take out its predecessors.
  • Due to a lack of focused fire, it can take out a Hexa Tank and it's upgrades.

Against the Sprayer

  • A Pounder branch like the Hybrid can easily one-shot the Sprayer.


  • The Sprayer was borrowed from
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