The Spreadshot is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that is able to upgrade from the Artillery and the Triple Shot. The Spreadshot may not upgrade any further as it is at the end of its tank line. Its upgrade key is H.


The Spreadshot features a circular tank body as a base with the Cannons on the Artillery present. The difference is that four Cannons are added onto each side.


Compared to its predecessor, the Artillery, this tank adds 8 side cannons  (four are added on each side) cannons creating a total of eleven barrels. The cannons are layered with the most central being the top barrel.


  • Strong Against: Drone classes, Cruiser classes.
  • Weak Against: Concentrated fire classes.

As the Spreadshot

  • Target Drone tanks such as a Director, Overseer or Overlord because your high RoF can easily overwhelm their Drones.
    • The Spreadshot is also effective against swarm tanks such as the Battleship or Cruiser for the same reason.
  • Using 9 barrels the Spread shot can easily destroy Alpha and Beta Pentagons relative to other tanks.
  • In addition Spread Shot is a very good support tank for covering allies.
  • The Spread shot is the higher DPS alternative to Penta Shot because of the addition of its central barrel.
  • The central barrel is very effective against countering concentrated bullet storms.

Against the Spreadshot

  • Concentrated fire tanks such as a Streamliner or Triplet can out penetrate its massive amount of bullets also while dodging the central bullet.
  • The Auto Trapper is effective thanks to its auto turret and protective traps.


  • It's a Tank that has most Cannons in
  • This tank has been nerfed comparing to the original version of it in


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