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The Spreadshot is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io that is able to upgrade from the Triple Shot at Level 45. The Spreadshot may not upgrade any further as it is at the end of its tank line. Its upgrade key is U.


The Spreadshot features a circular tank body as a base. Compared to the Triple Shot, the side Cannons are shrunk, and there are eight additional side cannons (four are added on each side), with two of them added between the side-most and center cannons. The two side cannons are overlapped by the other additional cannons, with the center cannon layered above them all.


Compared to its predecessor, the side cannons will shrink with the addition of eight extra cannons, whilst the center cannon remains the same. When firing, the central cannon fires first, followed by the next side cannons on an outward spread. Once the last two side cannons fire, the center cannon fires again to repeat the cycle. Repeatedly toggling Auto-Fire on and off may make the Spreadshot have some of its bullets stacked and fired at the same interval.


  • Strong Against: Drone classes, Cruiser classes.
  • Weak Against: Concentrated fire classes.

As the Spreadshot

  • The Spreadshot is great as a crowd control tank, having a wide range that it can cover to attack enemies. It is also a very good support tank for covering allies due to its bullets alone.
  • Since the bullets spread outward, the Spreadshot can gain higher damage output if it can approach enemies on a close distance, as it will allow the tank to have many, if not all of its bullets to hit them.
  • Its distributed cannons allow the Spreadshot to counter Drone classes like the Director or its Overseer branch, as aside from being able to destroy most Drones before they can make contact with it, it also lessens the potential of their Drone repelling control.
    • This is also effective against Swarm Drone tanks such as the Cruiser branch for the same reason.

Against the Spreadshot

  • Use tanks with concentrated bullets such as Streamliner or Triplet in order to penetrate through the Spreadshot's bullet storm.
  • The Destroyer branch is effective against the Spreadshot especially if it can pull off surprise attacks. For most cases, the Spreadshot's bullet power isn't enough to completely stop the large before hitting and doing big damage, if not outright killing it.
  • The player should avoid the Spreadshot's bullets as much as possible, as they can quickly build up damage if the player isn't careful while fighting it.


  • This tank used to have the most Cannons in Arras.io until Cyclone was added.
  • This tank has been nerfed comparing to the original version of it in Diep.io.
  • Previously, the Spreadshot had a larger central cannon that somewhat looks like a shorter version of the Machine Gun's cannon, as well as being able to upgrade from the Artillery. An update that changed its appearance to resemble its Diep.io counterpart eventually removed the upgrade path, thus making the Spreadshot exclusive to Triple Shot.
    • Despite this, when its Diep.io counterpart received an update on October 19th, 2020, which changed its firing pattern (all cannons now fire at the same time), the Arras.io version retained the old firing pattern.



  1. Removed upgrade option.