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Squares are a type of Polygon found in Arras.io. They are the second most common Polygon in the entire game, as well as the second weakest and least valuable, awarding a mere ~30 XP. They are so weak that a Basic Tank can kill one with just two un-upgraded bullets. They appear as small squares and often spawn in large groups.

It can be easily identified by its bright yellow color and its square shape. A tank with no upgrades can take it out with two shots. If the tank crashes into it, they will both take some damage.

An Underseer, a Necromancer or a Maleficitor can turn Squares into its Drones by destroying it with one of its existing drones.


  • Squares are very weak and make a good polygon for low level tanks to farm on until they can go after larger prey.
  • After Level 15 or so, however, Squares become a rather ineffective option to level up.
  • It is a decent option to ram into a lot of them, as long as the rammer, such as the Smasher, is effective and has decent body damage and health.


  • In regular Diep.io, there are also Squares, which are very similar in design and about as weak.
    • There are also Green Squares, which Gem grows into or if a grey Egg grows longer.
  • After about thirty seconds, Eggs turn into Squares.
    • While Gems and grey Eggs turn into Green Squares
  • Squares can no longer be turned into drones by body damage. The player has to use one of their drones to turn the next square into a drone.
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