The stat upgrade window.

Stats, also called Skills, are a core game mechanic in Along with customizing the class of the Tank, players can also modify their Tank’s Stats to master their own play style.

In, the players will have 42 upgrade points at Level 45, unlike, wherein their Stats can only be upgraded 33 times.

Stats and their Effects


Body Damage

This stat determines how much damage the Tank will inflict upon another object on collision. Body Damage will also lessen damage from other objects (see below, Damage Reduction). This is determined by how much damage it can give to the object, namely ammunitions’ own Bullet Health, so that it gets destroyed faster before reaching the maximum amount of collisions.

Max Health

Max Health determines the maximum health pool of the player's Tank. This is essential for Smasher branch Tanks as they cannot use bullets to damage other Tanks. Max Health won't change Shield Capacity, as it's totally different from Max Health.

This Stat allows Tanks to take more damage, but increases the time it takes to regenerate to full health.

As the Smasher branch, this Stat gives the player more time to attack before being eliminated(ram).

Bullet Speed

This stat determines the movement speed of the projectiles shot by Tanks, and thus also increases how far they travel. Putting points into this stat increases the potential of reaching far away opponents. Increasing Bullet Speed makes bullets harder to dodge as well, and Destroyers with high Bullet Speed become extremely dangerous.

Bullet speed can also slightly increase the damage your bullets do, as when Bullet speed is quick enough, the bullet will pass through the Tank, thus doing more damage. This stat turns into Drone Speed if you upgrade to a Director, Swarm Speed when upgrading to the Cruiser, Placement Speed when upgrading to the Trapper, and Weapon Speed for Tanks with multiple variants of weapons.

Bullet speed and Penetration speed are some of the most vital stats when playing as the Sniper class.

Bullet Health

This stat determines the health of the Bullets. This stat allows bullets to take more damage before disappearing.

This stat is replaced by Drone Health, Trap Health, and Swarm Health on respective classes, and Weapon Health for classes with multiple weapons.

Bullet Penetration

This stat determines the penetration level of your bullets through objects, and how far they will travel before disappearing. Because of the fact that Bullet Penetration penetrates an object longer than usual, it also effects the amount of damage your bullets inflict. If this stat is upgraded enough, bullets can go through enemy Tanks, Polygons, or opposing Ammunition. The bullets will always bounce off when they hit Obstacles, regardless of how much this stat is upgraded.

Similar to Bullet Speed, it turns into Drone Penetration if you upgrade to a Director, Swarm Penetration when upgrading to the Cruiser, Trap Penetration when upgrading to the Trapper, and Weapon Penetration for Tanks with multiple variants of weapons.

Bullet Damage

This stat determines the amount of damage your bullets inflict. This acts similarly to Bullet Penetration in the way that upgrading this helps the tank to deal more damage. It turns into "Drone Damage" when upgrading to the Director, Swarm Damage when upgrading to the Cruiser, Trap Damage when upgrading to the Trapper and Weapon Damage for upgrading to tanks with more than 1 weapon.


This stat determines how quickly the Tank is able to fire. On Tanks that get recoil like the Tri-Angle, this allows the player to move faster since these tanks have recoil. This stat turns into Engine Acceleration when upgraded to the Smasher. Any Auto Turrets that are located on a tank's head will not change their reloading speed even if the player upgrades this.

Most of non-Smasher branch Tanks are recommended to upgrade this, as some classes have terribly low Reload speed, and even Bullet spammers can be stronger. For the Spawner branch Tanks, upgrading the Reload stat will make the Minions' Reload speed better as well.

Movement Speed

This stat determines how quickly the Tank moves (duh).

Shield Regeneration

This stat determines how fast the Tank's shield regenerates. Upgrading this Stat allows the player to receive more amounts of repetitive light damage. Upgrading exclusively this Stat might not protect you from one-shot types such as ones from the Pounder class like the Annihilator or Sniper class tanks like the Stalker.

Shield Capacity

This stat determines how much health your shield has. The higher it is upgraded, the harder it is for enemies to break the shield down.

When upgrading this stat, the player will be able to have more virtual health. This can allow the player to receive very large amounts of damage. If this stat is upgraded with Max Health and Shield Regeneration, players can become a challenge to defeat.



Engine Acceleration replaces the Reload stat when upgrading to the Smasher. It is a stat found exclusively in the Smasher class and it's upgrades. This stat determines how quickly the Tank reaches its max speed after moving. Acceleration is also one of the Stats that can be seen in the code of the game, although it can't be upgraded or accessed normally.

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