The Streamliner is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Minigun and doesn't upgrade further. The upgrade key is Y.


It features a round body, and 5 Cannons are on the front. They're in a row.


  • It shoots gunner bullets, not regular bullets.
  • Unlike the version, it has a large amount of recoil.


  • Strong Against: Non-focused fire Tanks, Certain Sniper branches, Slow Tanks
  • Weak Against: Fast Tanks, High DPS Tanks such as Destroyer branches

As the Streamliner

  • Try and finish off enemies quickly, getting into longer battles is unsafe. If you find yourself in a drawn out battle, retreat, regenerate, and then retry from another angle.
  • Surprising area of effect tanks from the top or bottom of their screen or while they are shooting in the opposite direction will allow you to almost always kill them, even in a long battle.
  • If an enemy is dodging your stream, flicking is advisable to land hits.
  • Smashers are very weak, you can easily keep them at bay by retreating while shooting, your bullets will actually knock them back a little.

Against the Streamliner

  • A Nailgun can easily kill a Streamliner, its small bullets are faster and can be very dangerous when at close range.
  • Smashers with maxed out movement speed and engine acceleration could possibly surprise the Streamliner from the sides, killing it.
  • Boosters with a ramming build can easily zigzag through the stream of bullets, then ram and kill the Streamliner.
  • Drone tanks are best for killing this tank, they can easily surround and kill the Streamliner.


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