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The Streamliner is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io that may upgrade from the Minigun and doesn't upgrade further. The upgrade key is Y.


The Streamliner features a round body. Its five Cannons are stacked closely at the tank's front so that only the tip of each (except the top one) extends further and shows itself from the Cannon immediately above.


The five cannons of the Streamliner fire in quick succession from the foremost one to the last one. Despite its appalling reload rate its bullets are weaker individually than those of a Basic's, but its reload makes its DPS over 2x as much as the basic. On the other hand, despite its outstanding FoV of 30 grids, its bullet speed potential and bullet spread are relatively poor but enough for a sniper class, making its use in sniping good. Upgrading bullet speed to 7 makes it a very good sniper, since it is more protected against rammers than other snipers. It has the highest DPS in a single direction. Upon upgrading, it gains 2 new barrels, reinforcing the minigun's DPS.


  • Strong Against: Most Sniper branches, non-focused fire Tanks, rammers, drone tanks, destroyer branches
  • Weak Against: Most tanks when not skilled, drone tanks if the streamliner is unlucky.

As the Streamliner

  • Killing with a Streamliner is more difficult than it may appear due to its limited bullet speed and damage, as well as heavy recoil.
  • If an enemy is dodging your stream, flicking helps to land hits. That further cuts the Streamliner's effective DPS though.
  • Flick across the radius of the player, and this way no shots will be wasted.
  • The Streamliner is poor at making a stand with even maxed bullet stats. Upgrading movement speed is useful.
  • The streamliner has very high DPS
  • The Streamliner is quite effective in suppressing enemy snipers because of its relatively high DPS and good FoV.
  • The Streamliner has more than enough firepower to outgun a spread-fire tank such as the Cyclone when played properly.
  • The Streamliner's FoV and heavy recoil grant it good survivability. With its knock-back, the Streamliner usually can defeat a rammer with little difficulty.
  • If the drone tank is running away and using drones as a sheild, chase it and you can kill it, since you have a much higher DPS. If the drones chases you, simply dodge them and destroy ones coming towards you, while recoiling back and flicking towards the enemy.
  • Kill destroyer classes by flicking towards it.
  • Try using the build: 1/1/3/6/6/6/9/9/0/1.
    • Use your backfire to escape or charge.
    • Relatively good bullet stats.
  • For a good bullet build, use 0/0/3/9/9/9/9/3/0/0
    • Use backfire to escape or charge
    • Very good bullet stats, good for blocking other people's bullets.

Against the Streamliner

  • A concentrated DPS tank can sometimes neutralize all of the Streamliner's bullets and force it on run. Once cornered it is much easier to kill. However, the streamliner may be able to out-gun you due to its extremely high DPS.
  • Do not use tanks with low RoF, unless you are skilled enough or the Streamliner isnt skilled.
  • A Nailgun can sometimes kill a Streamliner, its small bullets are faster and can be very dangerous when at close range.
  • Smashers with maxed out movement speed and engine acceleration could possibly surprise the Streamliner from the sides, killing it. However, this is risky as you may die from its continuous stream of bullets.
  • Glass cannon Tri-angle classes can sometimes kill it by keeping a distance. Run away if you are too close.


  • Unlike its Diep.io version, the Streamliner has much more recoil.