Confuzzled Subverter’s name is Conjectural. No official name has been given, and it is subject to change at any time.
The subject of this article is no longer in! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in anymore.

The Subverter is one of the removed Arras Tier 4 Tanks that would have upgraded from the Minigun or the Destroyer at level 45. The Subverter would not have upgrade any further as it is at the end of its upgrade line. The upgrade key for this tank would have been H.


The Subverter featured a circular tank body as a base and a 3 Destroyer Cannons (or Pounder) at the front like the Minigun. The Cannon has the same width as the Destroyers (or Pounder).


The Subverter’s function would have been similar to that of the Minigun. It fires Destroyer Bullets (or Pounder) rapidly, but its Reload is slower than Minigun.


  • Strong against: Low level tanks, slow tanks, unsuspecting tanks
  • Weak against: Fast rammers, skilled Drone users, high FoV tanks

As the Subverter

  • The Subverter excels at farming because of its good DPS. Use this fact to quickly level up.
  • The Subverter excels against Trappers, as its Bullet Damage and Reload can easily destroy the Traps and then heavily damage, if not kill the enemy.
  • Use your big Bullets to escape from Snipers and Underseers if it's impossible to leave unnoticed.
  • Aim for the low level tanks in general, since they are the easiest to kill with this tank.

Against the Subverter

  • Skilled Rammers can easily dodge the Bullets and go in for the kill.
  • If you know a Destroyer is on the server, always look out because they could pop up and throw multiple big Bullets at you at any moment.
  • If the player is a high reload class and dodges the bullets, spam away at it and it'll shortly go down.
  • Upgrade movement speed to escape the big bullets.
  • Never get up close to a Subverter as a Sniper. Always use your range advantage to kill one.
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