The Summoner is one of the current Arras Bosses. It has only 1 variant, unlike the Elite Crasher.


The Summoner features a large yellow square for its base, and has an Underseer/Necromancer drone Spawner on the each side.


Its Spawners spawn massive amount of drones rapidly, which move very fast.


  • To kill the Summoner it is advisable to use an AoE tank, like the Penta Shot. Just keep circling and shooting it until it dies.
  • If using a focused fire tank, like Streamliner, move your mouse back and forth over the boss. This will block incoming drones, but still do damage. This is called flicking.
  • If using a sniper, try from long range and snipe BETWEEN the drones.


  • Before the Summoner spawns, the message, "A strange trembling..." will appear.This message appears for all boss spawns.
  • The Summoner can have the same 10 possible names the Elite Crashers have.
    • Akilina
    • Athena
    • Alkaios
    • Artemis
    • Apollon
    • Archimedes
    • Anastasios
    • Anaxagoras
    • Aniketos
    • Amyntas
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