The Surfer is one of the Tier 4 Tanks that upgrades from the Tri-Angle at Level 45. It cannot upgrade any further. The upgrade key for this tank is K.


The Surfer is a Tri-Angle with added side Drone Spawners that spawn Drones about the Battleship’s size. The angles of the Canons and Spawners from the front are: 90°, 60°, 60°, 60° and 90°.


The Surfer has powerful recoil like the other Tri-Angle branch tanks to boost it forward.


  • Strong against: Tri-Angle tanks that lack side cannons like the Booster, Smasher branch tanks if played correctly, Drone classes, Low DPS and low Penetration Tanks, and unaware tanks.
  • Weak against: skilled Destroyer-Branch players, Cruiser.

As the Surfer

  • Since the Surfer is a Tri-Angle-Branch tank, you should put some upgrade points on Speed and Reload, and leave the rest for a Bullet or Ram Build.
  • If you're using a Bullet Build, make sure to never leave your opponent out of your sight and wear them out with your front cannon and swarm drones. If your target is hiding behind Rocks, you can still damage them with your swarms, making the Surfer an efficient chaser.
  • If you're using a Ram Build, use your swarm drones to search for players around you. This isn't an efficient way to find players, but it may work if you're desperate. Use the Surfer like any other Ram Tri-Angle.
  • Surfer is a decent tank in almost every field and shouldn't have any weakness. If played correctly, it can overpower any tanks.
  • Your drones can pressure your opponent while they run away, continuously damaging them while you chase them.
  • After depleting about 90% of your enemy's health, your can flee and let your swarm chip their health and killing them, without you having to take unnecessary damage.
  • Surfers are great at stealing kills because of their swarm. Due to your high mobility, you can venture around the map quickly, and stealing kills.
  • Against drone classes, you can run around them in circles or strafe around their drones, and let your swarm chip their health. If their drones are far away, it is also possible to rush them, due to the Surfer's powerful front cannon. This not only makes the Surfer a great 1v1 pick, but also really easy to catch multiple drone players off-guard.

Against the Surfer

  • Surfers take on any opponent that can easily be flanked on the sides or have low DPS/Reload/Penetration, so using tanks like the Triplet, Penta Shot, Auto-Double, and Sprayer will be useful for defending against Surfers.
  • One effective way to defeat Surfers would be to become tanks that can also chase, so any tank from the Tri-Angle Branch could easily hunt down Surfers.
  • Another way to kill Surfers would be to become a Destroyer-Type Tank and finish the Surfer with one hit. This strategy is very risky, as Destroyers have low reload and speed. Flaws in this strategy would be getting cornered in the border, having to hide behind Rocks, and having other enemy tanks also attacking you at once. Using the right build is key to successfully pulling off this strategy.


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