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The Swarmer is one of current Arras.io Tier 4 Tanks that may upgrade from the Launcher and it does not upgrade further. The upgrade key is I.


The Swarmer features a circular tank body as a base, like most tanks, with a large Cannon mounted at the front of the tank, comparable to the Destroyer or Pounder in size. Layered below the Cannon is an elongated trapezium that stops roughly before the Cannons endpoint.

The Swarmer fires Hives, Missiles equipped with five equidistant Spawners that create Hive Drones, small square drones that act like Swarm Drones.


  • The Swarmer has the same FoV as the Destroyer.
  • The Swarmer has a significantly smaller recoil than the Destroyer.
  • A Swarmer Hive spawns about 11 Hive Drones before disappearing. The drones swarm visible enemies, , much like a Battleship's swarm drones.
  • Although Swarmer Hives are weaker than Destroyer bullets, they are still stronger than most other bullets and missiles.


The Swarmer shooting its ammunition.

  • Strong Against: Rammers, auto-tanks.
  • Weak Against: Focused-fire tanks with high penetration, Drone tanks, fast shooters.

As the Swarmer

  • Stay far away from other Destroyer classes, your Hive drones will get them low on health, then you can either let them run away or move in for the kill.
  • Treat the Swarmer as the uncontrollable part of a battleship, with the possibility of blocking some bullets
  • Against most and focused fire tanks like the Streamliner in particular, just shoot hives to block their stream. As your Hive Drones will do the rest.
  • Against drone tanks, retreat immediately unless close enough to hit them with a Hive.
  • Consider fighting in open areas. Hive drones require a clear turn radius to home onto their targets.
  • Hive Drones may serve as a radar system against hostilities, but they also home on polygons.
  • The guerilla build, which features high movement speed and usually low bullet speed, is fairly popular. Since players that prefer head-on battles would have chosen the superior Hybrid instead, players that pick the Swarmer would like to utilize its specialties in auto-targeting and the extra range provided by the Hive Drones. With a high movement speed, the player can keep kiting and harassing enemies from afar and quickly retreating to safety whenever necessary.
  • Try not using any bullet speed, as your hive drones will form a shield in front of you.

Against the Swarmer

  • Hive drones only chip away your health slowly. You almost always have the chance to retreat before it is too late.
  • Sheild regen and sheild capacity makes their drones useless.
  • Although it is difficult to tell a Swarmer's location by its drones, you can always tell its presence. This allows you to prepare in advance for a fight or an escape before the Swarmer actually sees you.
  • Fighting a Swarmer near walls and (even weak) polygons can reduce the amount of drones hitting you.
  • The Swarmer has only a basic FoV. Also, it can have no more than three Hives to protect itself at any moment, so it is rather vulnerable to sneak attacks.
  • Using spread tanks, like the Penta Shot will work, the massive amount of spam will stop their drones from reaching you, and then they are just a low bullet speed Pounder, which can be easily taken out if cornered.
  • It is also good to use drone classes. The claw maneuver is very useful when facing this tank. Otherwise a Swarmer Hive may take out about three of your drones at a time.
  • Necromancers can easily overpower Swarmers with its drone shield. Carriers can do this as well, but you will have to use your FoV to your advantage instead, swarming them from all sides without your position being revealed.


  • The Swarmers' ammunition is called Hive.
  • This tank was previously a Tier 2 Tank called Hive Shooter.
  • This tank originally branched off of Destroyer, but ever since Launcher was made, it was removed.