The First TESTBED tank.

The TESTBED is an unclassed tank in the game that can only be controlled by the user when entering an unfinished update or by the Developers, Neph and CX. The TESTBED is used to test tanks, and changes from time to time. TESTBED tanks eventually become in-game tanks, or are reworked/removed.
The tanks listed below are tanks that were, or are currently, the TESTBED.

Factory TESTBEDs

The first TESTBED was a Tank that shot itself over and over again. Its design was a circular tank body with a wide and short Cannon. The photo's description is "It's a tank that shoots itself!"

The Second TESTBED was more or less the same thing, but it only shot itself once.

The Third TESTBED appeared to shoot miniature Gunner Minions without a limit. Its design featured Two Gunner Cannons mounted on the front with a regular Cannon mounted at the back.

The Fourth TESTBED appeared to shoot four fully functioning Overlords. The design is the same as the regular Factory.

5th TESTBED and TESTBED Branch

The Fifth TESTBED shot pentagonal traps that came back like boomerangs, It also branched into 3 other tanks. This concept was turned into the Boomer tank.

Tank 1: Still called TESTBED, (Should be in the factory TESTBED but its in a branch of a non-factory TESTBED) But it shoots square traps with mounted auto-guns on them. Useful for farming and bases. This concept was turned into the Engineer tank.

Tank 2: This is the "unnamed class" (later renamed Banshee) that was supposedly removed from the game, but was re-added at a later stage. Works perfectly and useful for farming.

Tank 3: Called Dual, this tank is practically a twin hunter. Useful for attacking Smashers.

Note: These were accesible in a quick unreleased/unfinished patch, they may have changed.


  • The 6th and Current TESTBED looks like the Pounder, but with a smaller Cannon, and slightly different sides. It's Cannon is also pretty overpowered, and it can 1-shot a tank with the right stats. It is normally used for upgrades, when there is a Tank which is way too overpowered for normal use (A Good example is the Protector), or sometimes when a Tank is being stored if it is removed (A Good example is the Master). It also can Upgrade into Bosses (A Good example are the Elite Crasher Bosses).
  • The only people who can use it are kot32, astra and CX.
  • It has no weaknesses. Even the nerfed version in #e still can't be killed.
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