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The subject of this article is no longer in Arras.io! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in Arras.io anymore.

Not to be confused with the Cyclone which has a similar appearance. The Tornado is a removed tank from the beta stages of the game, seen as a type of "Mockup Content". Originally, it was a Tier 4 upgrade that stemmed from the Hexa Tank that could be obtained at Level 45.


The Tornado has a circular tank body as a base with 12 Cannons distributed evenly around the base.


The Tornado has been replaced with the Cyclone.


As the Cyclone

  • This tank practically performs similarly to the Octo Tank, so a lot of tips applying to the Tank also apply to the Cyclone.
  • Recommended builds for the Cyclone include glass cannons or hurricane builds. A glass cannon build concentrates on Bullets and not on health Stats, and is vulnerable to fast-moving rammers such as the Booster. Using C+E (Auto Spin and Auto Fire) is highly recommended to create nigh impenetrable zones of bullets. This works well when farming too.
    • Due to its number of cannons, spinning can make it difficult to dodge a Cyclone’s bullet stream, which can be effective against snipers and drone classes or when trying to find invisible tanks such as the Landmine.
  • Unprepared players without high damage can be easily destroyed by a Cyclone without taking much damage in return, due to the Cyclone’s massive firepower.
  • A Cyclone must beware of high-penetration tanks such as Annihilators, as they can easily pierce through the shield of bullets surrounding it and inflict heavy damage.
  • Beware that the Cyclone only fires one Bullet in each direction, so it usually won’t be easy to combat high RoF tanks, such as the Sprayer or Triplet, unless you stack your cannons: By spinning at certain speeds, your cannons will overlap, spawning bullets in a more focused manner, which makes it easier to fight this type of tanks.

Against the Cyclone

  • This tank practically has weaknesses similarly to the Octo Tank, so a lot of counters applying to the Tank also apply to the Cyclone.
  • The class can be difficult to approach due to the Cannons surrounding it, that make it harder to hit. However, the tank also lacks focused fire — because of this, the easiest way of defeating a Cyclone is to use focused firing tanks with maxed out bullet stats.
  • To counter a Cyclone, one can also use tanks from the Pounder or Sniper branches. The Cyclone ’s bullets can’t block the Destroyer or Sniper’s stronger ones, which can make it easier for you to hit and kill the tank.
  • Alternatively, skilled Tri-Angle branches can dodge the storm of Bullets, and either ram or bullet-ram the Cyclone between the Cannons. Beware when there are other tanks around, as ramming the Cyclone will leave you low on health.
  • An Overseer can use their Drones to flank the Cyclone through the gap between its Cannons, although this is somewhat risky.
  • Using tanks like Triple Twin or Basic Tank is acceptable against a Cyclone though because the classes’ Bullet Penetration and Damage being lower than that of a Twin’s, it isn’t recommended.
  • The Factory can create bullet walls capable of piercing through the Cyclone’s defense while using the drones as cover at the same time, making it a powerful counter.


  • This Class has been removed from the game.
  • This tank was nerfed when it was replaced.