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The Trap Guard is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in Arras.io that may upgrade from the Flank Guard or Trapper at level 25. The Trap Guard may further upgrade into the Bulwark, Gunner Trapper, Bomber, Bushwhacker, or the Conqueror classes. The upgrade keys for this tank are H (from the Flank Guard) and I (from the Trapper).


The Trap Guard has a circular tank body as a base. It has one Cannon on the front of the tank, and one Launcher on the back.


Upon upgraded from the Flank Guard, eliminates the back two Cannons and replaces them with one Launcher on the back. Upon upgrading from the Trapper, the Launcher moves to the back and adds a Cannon. The two weapons have thoroughly average statistics for their types.


  • Strong Against: Low level Tanks, slow Tanks, Tanks coming from your back.
  • Weak Against: Fast Tanks, high RoF Tanks.

As the Trap Guard

  • Try sniping them and as they get closer switch to the traps to do high damage to them.
  • If you're fighting with single enemy, you can throw the Traps to your back to prevent other enemies from attacking you.

Against the Trap Guard

  • Sneak up on them and double-team them to easily overwhelm them.
  • Be careful of the Traps, as they have high damage. Approaching the Trap Guard from the back results the Traps hit you, so approach from the front.


  • It's the only Tier 3 Tank to have multiple Ammunitions.



  1. Removed Upgrade Option