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The Trapper is one of the current Tier 2 Tanks in and one of the current upgrade choices for the Basic upon reaching level 10. It may further upgrade to the Builder, Trap Guard, or the Tri-Trapper at level 25. It may also upgrade to the Barricade and the Overtrapper at level 45. It has no upgrade keys.


The Trapper features a circular tank body as a base with a single Launcher mounted at the front.


Upon upgrading to the Trapper, the front Cannon of its predecessor, the Basic, gets replaced with a Launcher of the same size. Its Traps move fast when first shot, but have a short travel distance.


  • Strong Against: Rammers, low DPS tanks
  • Weak Against: High DPS tanks, high bullet speed tanks like the Sniper branch

As the Trapper

  • The best thing to do as a Trapper is to stay away from the spotlight. Don't get directly involved in any fight, let alone start one, as the Trapper is not made to be offensive. Instead, its power lies behind the help of teammates.
    • For example, in a situation where two tanks are fighting it out, set up Traps behind. This will make it difficult for the enemy to escape as: The Traps will heavily damage the player and the ally finishes them off; the enemy gets killed by the Traps if on low health; the enemy has nowhere to go and gets killed by the ally.
  • Seeing that the player can move through their own Traps and enemies can't, constantly move in and out of Traps while setting more up to bait enemies into coming closer.

Against the Trapper

  • The Trapper's main disadvantage is its low rate of fire and bullet speed, so high DPS tanks like the Penta Shot can overwhelm and destroy the Traps and proceed to kill the Trapper.
  • The Destroyer and Artillery branches can easily destroy the Traps due to their large main Bullets. However, because these tanks' large Bullet RoF is quite low, the Trapper has a chance of escape if they dodge the Bullet.
  • Players should never ever touch a Trapper's Traps due to their massive capacity for damage. Even high-health Smashers can quickly die when hit by a few Traps.
  • A sniper branch tank can kill the trapper due to their low reload and trap range


  • In earlier versions of, most notably the downloadable Beta versions, the Trapper was named Builder.
    • The name Builder is kept in the source code, however.
  • The names of the Trapper and Builder were later swapped.


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