Traps are type of ammunition used mostly by the Trapper branch.

Type of traps

Thrown Trap

The default type of trap used by the Trapper branch, AKA Trap. Upon being fired, they lose velocity quickly, becoming stationary after a second or two.

Set Trap

AKA Block, this type is used by the Builder and some of its upgrades. It works like regular traps, but its placement can be directed within the tank's FoV, as the accuracy and speed is based upon the spot of the cursor when the block is fired.


This type of trap is used solely by the Boomer (as well as the unused variant Bent Boomer). As its name implies, the boomerang will move as far as offscreen when fired, and then gravitate back to the tank that shot it.


A variant of Block trap type, it is used only by the Engineer. Simply, it is a block with an auto turret on it, allowing it to shoot nearby enemy tanks and Polygons.
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