For the Polygon with a similar name, see Arras:Triangle.

The Tri-Angle is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Flank Guard at level 25. The Tri-Angle may further upgrade into the Fighter, Booster, Falcon, Bomber, Auto-Tri-Angle, Surfer, or Eagle classes. The upgrade key for this tank is U.


The Tri-Angle has a circular tank body as a base and three Cannons surrounding the tank. The front Cannon does not move compared to its predecessor, while the other two Cannons get shorter and move towards each other more.


The Tri-Angle, when upgraded to, moves the back two Cannons closer to each other and makes them shorter. The front Cannon's damage remains the same, while the back Cannons do insignificant damage. The front cannon has little recoil while the back cannons have lots of it, meaning that the Tri-Angle moves forward when it fires.


  • Strong Against: Unsuspecting tanks, Overseer-branch classes, slow shooters, Smasher-branch classes (if using a bullet build)
  • Weak Against: Fast shooters, Cruiser-branch classes, Smasher-branch classes (if using a rammer build), Destroyer and it's upgrades

As the Tri-Angle

  • A rammer-type build can work with the Tri-Angle, since it can fully utilize its fast speed.
  • Be careful not to ram into anything when on low health, as anything can lower the player's health even further.

Against the Tri-Angle

  • Tanks that can spam many bullets such as Triplet can become effective against the Tri-Angle.
  • A full rammer Tri-Angle is weak against Trapper classes, as the former has no powerful range attack to destroy the trap wall.
    • However, a Tri-Angle using a build with fast bullet speed can actually kill Trappers.
  • Destroyers can make light work of the Tri-Angle by aiming directly at it.


  • The Tri-Angle’s name is based upon the “triangle” shape.
  • The Triangle is one of the tanks with the most evolutions, the others being Gunner and Basic.


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