The Tri-Trapper is one of the current Arras Tier 3 Tanks and one of the current upgrade options for the Trapper and the Flank Guard at level 25. The Tri-Trapper may upgrade into the Architect, Hexa-Trapper, Septa-Trapper, or the Fortress at level 45. It's upgrade keys are J and U.


The Tri-Trapper has a circular body surrounded by three equidistant Launchers.


The Tri-Trapper gains two more Launchers that function exactly the same as it's pre-existing one when upgrading from the Trapper and turns its previously Cannons into three Launchers when upgrading from the Flank Guard. Recoil is disabled for this tank.


  • Strong Against: Rammers, low DPS tanks
  • Weak Against: High DPS tanks

As the Tri-Trapper

  • This tank should be played like a Trapper, but better since it gains two more Launchers. Use these to quickly create a wall of traps to protect your teammates.
  • This tank can actually survive against rammers due to its high Trap damage.

Against the Tri-Trapper

  • Do not try to use rammers if you are not skilled in using them. The high damage of the Traps a Tri-Trapper produces can heavily cripple your tank, if not killing it.
  • High DPS tanks can try to break its traps and then go for the Tri-Trapper itself. Gunner-branch tanks are good to use as their bullets can seep through traps unharmed due to their size.


  • Tri-Trapper’s source name is “tritrap”.
  • The Tri-Trapper's Launchers used to look like Auto-Launchers that shoot Block Traps, but after the introduction and separation of the Trapper and Builder, the old Tri-Trapper became the Architect, while this tank replaced the Architect.


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