The Tri-Trapper is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in and one of the current upgrade options for the Trapper and the Flank Guard at level 25. The Tri-Trapper may upgrade into the Architect, Hexa-Trapper, Septa-Trapper, or the Fortress at level 45. It's upgrade keys are J and U.


The Tri-Trapper has a circular body surrounded by three equidistant Launchers.


The Tri-Trapper gains two more Launchers that function exactly the same as it's pre-existing one when upgrading from the Trapper and turns its previously Cannons into three Launchers when upgrading from the Flank Guard. Recoil is disabled for this tank.


  • Strong Against: Rammers, low DPS tanks
  • Weak Against: High DPS tanks

As the Tri-Trapper

  • This tank should be played like a Trapper, but better since it gains two more Launchers. Use these to quickly create a wall of traps to protect your teammates.
  • This tank can actually survive against rammers due to its high Trap damage.

Against the Tri-Trapper

  • Do not try to use rammers if you are not skilled in using them. The high damage of the Traps a Tri-Trapper produces can heavily cripple your tank, if not killing it.
  • High DPS tanks can try to break its traps and then go for the Tri-Trapper itself. Gunner-branch tanks are good to use as their bullets can seep through traps unharmed due to their size.


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6/2/18: Useless bullets and drones bug

On 6/2/18, right after the triple trapper was added to, a very strange bug appeared on servers. In this bug, bullets and small drones lost their hitboxes and simply went through any objects, no longer damaging them. This meant that players were able to go around the enemy spawn since the base drones could not hurt anyone. During this bug, only traps, large drones, and body damage functioned correctly. This allowed for the Tri Trapper hype to explode during this time. This bug only lasted 20 minutes before the servers were restarted and the bug was patched.


  • Tri-Trapper’s source name is “tritrap”.
  • The Tri-Trapper's Launchers used to look like Auto-Launchers that shoot Block Traps, but after the introduction and separation of the Trapper and Builder, the old Tri-Trapper became the Architect, while this tank replaced the Architect.


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