Eagle & Triangle

Eagle with a Triangle.

For the Tank with a similar name, see Arras:Tri-Angle.

Triangles are a type of Polygon found in They are an uncommon Polygon, as well as a somewhat resistant and XP awarding one. Unlike Squares, they take more than just two hits to be killed. They appear as small red triangles and often spawn in company with other Polygons.


  • Triangles are good for low level players. They're tough, but give a valuable bounty of XP for lower level players. Once you get to around Level 20, though, farming Triangles becomes useless so farming Pentagons is much more effective.
  • Though they may seem rather minor, crashing into some Triangles while on low health is a huge risk, as they will damage the player even further.
    • In that case, it is best to upgrade to a Rammer (such as the Smasher, but you have to wait until level 30) and upgrade some of its health-related stats, such as Body Damage and Max Health.


  • In regular, there are also Triangles, which are very similar in design and about as strong.
  • After thirty seconds, Triangles turn into Pentagons.
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