The Triple Shot is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Twin at level 25. The Triple Shot may further upgrade into the Penta Shot, Spreadshot, Bent Hybrid, Bent Double, or Triplet classes. The upgrade key for this tank is U.


The Triple Shot has a circular tank body as a base and three Cannons on the front of the tank. The side two Cannons are facing slightly away from the central Cannon.


The Triple Shot, when upgraded to, moves the two Cannons slightly away from each other, and adds one Cannon in the center. The way they are bent makes this tank have slightly spread-out firepower. The tank's recoil is increased, and its Cannon statistics seem to be the same as a Twin's.


  • Strong Against: Multiple enemies coming from different directions, fast tanks, low RoF tanks, Drone classes, rammers
  • Weak Against: High RoF tanks, one single high damage enemy, snipers

As the Triple Shot

  • When being attacked by rammers, let them get close before turning in another direction suddenly. This way, you surprise the enemy into continuing the chase while you chip away at it's health. Repeat until the rammer runs or you kill it.
  • Use your recoil to recoil into or away from tough situations.
  • Spam people until they die.

Against the Triple Shot

  • Sniper-branch tanks can easily snipe it from a long range.
  • Tanks with high RoF can cut through the Triple Shot's Bullets and quickly kill the tank.


  • The Triple Shot is more powerful than the Triple Shot and nearly matches the Penta Shot, albeit with less bullets.
  • The Triple Shot seems to be based on Dingbat1991's design for the Triple Shot.
  • In the game's code, the Triple Shot is named 'Bent', leaving its original name being Bent Shot. This is why the Bent Hybrid and Bent Double's names contain "Bent".
  • In the modes that can't upgrade by pressing "N", some players will stay to level 45 as a Twin, and upgrade to Triplet.


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