The Triple Twin is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Double Twin at Level 45. It may not upgrade any further because it is at the end of its upgrade line. The upgrade key for this tank is Y.


The Triple Twin greatly resembles its equivalent, with a circular base and 3 pairs of 2 Cannons evenly spaced out evenly. It also resembles three Twins merged.


The Triple Twin simply adds another pair of Cannons, increasing the total number of Cannons 6 (from 4). The pairs of cannons are 120 degrees apart.

No recoil is added.


  • Strong Against: Groups of enemy tanks surrounding it, low RoF (Rate of Fire) and low DPS Tanks, low level Tanks, some Trapper classes.
  • Weak Against: Tanks with concentrated fire like the Penta Shot or Triplet, Destroyer branch, Drone users, skilled rammers.

As the Triple Twin

  • Try to attack groups of low health or low level tanks, as its heavy firepower in every direction can easily take them out, making it great for crowd control.
  • The Triple Twin's exceptional firepower can also be used for farming. It will take out Polygons with ease and there is even a small chance the player can unintentionally kill an enemy tank.

Against the Triple Twin

  • A Destroyer can easily take out the Bullet streams with its high bullet penetration and can then proceed to attacking the Triple Twin itself. Do not do this if at low HP.
  • A skilled rammer can make their way around the constant Bullet stream and then start attacking the Triple Twin itself. There is a very low chance that the rammer will die (if at full HP) unless the player is a noob.
  • Tanks with high DPS and cocentrated firepower like the Triplet can shoot at where the Cannons are, destroying bullets and then damaging the Triple Twin.


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