The Triplet is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that upgrades from the Triple Shot at Level 45. It may not upgrade any further. The upgrade key for this tank is J.


The Triplet has a circular base with three Cannons - the center cannon being the largest and the two side cannons being overlapped by it.


Upon upgrading to the Triplet, it repositions and resizes the Cannons so that there is one center Cannon, one slightly smaller side Cannon, and a new side Cannon. It also has a slightly increased Field of Vision.


  • Strong Against: Tanks with spread fire like the Octo Tank, Trapper classes, some Drone classes, melee tanks (like rammers), Sniper classes in close combat
  • Weak Against: Tanks with concentrated firepower, high bullet penetration tanks like the Destroyer, Sniper classes and other high FoV tanks far away, groups of enemies, skilled Drone users.

As the Triplet

  • Because the tank has slight recoil, players can boost themselves by shooting the opposite direction they were moving to. This can be used to escape enemies or to pursue fast escaping enemies. Once the player gets close enough to the enemy (in the latter scenario), start shooting at them.
  • Against an Underseer and that branch, aim and destroy their Drones first and try to predict where they are going next. Then shoot at the direction of the predicted path. This will trap the enemy, if the prediction is correct, allowing for an easy kill.
  • Players can also use their high damage and penetration bullets as defense, against low RoF or DPS tanks.
  • One of the best builds for this tank would be 0/5/7/7/7/6/7/2/1/0 which gives you great bullet power and reasonable health.

Against the Triplet

  • Attempting to dodge the Bullets may be the best way to escape a Triplet. However, the fast Bullets can catch the player off guard, making the Triplet a very hard tank to escape from, unless the player is also a high DPS tank like the Streamliner or Mortar.
  • The best and most effective way against the Triplet is the Sniper branch. Use their long FoV to snipe the Triplet. Don't let it see you though, as it will most likely start running you down with bullet spam that snipers just can't break through.
  • As a Destroyer, try to keep up with the Triplet's firepower by aiming and destroying the Bullets. It may be hard, especially if the Triplet has max Reload, so the best option is to be sneaky; hide and try to shoot the enemy from behind. If this fails, retreat and try again. The player can also lead the Triplet to their base or near allies.
  • Assassin branches are good at killing Triplets. To wear them down, fight them at long range.


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