The Twin is one of the current Tier 2 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Basic. The Twin may further upgrade into the Double Twin, Triple Shot, Gunner, or Hexa Tank at Level 25 as well as the Dual, Bulwark or Musket at Level 45. Its upgrade key is Y.


The Twin has a circular base like most Tanks. It has two identical Cannons mounted on the front of the tank.


The Twin adds one Cannon to the front of the Tank. They both have the same stats but are slightly less powerful individually than the Cannon mounted on the Basic.


  • Strong Against: Low RoF Tanks, non-focused fire Tanks, rammers
  • Weak Against: High RoF Tanks, Drone classes, Tanks like the Triplet that have better focused fire than it

As the Twin

  • Players should use their multiple Cannons to their advantage. The Twin is superior to most Tanks in combat, since its two Cannons can easily out-penetrate most other Tanks and eventually destroy them.
  • Beware of higher ups in the Twin branch, since they usually have superior DPS to the Twin.
  • Do not attempt to fight Drone users. Their Drones are hard for a Twin to destroy.

Against the Twin

  • Do not engage the Twin in close combat, as that will most likely result in victory for the Twin. Fighting the Twin from a distance where its bullets will be weaker is usually a better idea. Gunners and Triplets can afford fighting the Twin in close combat, since they have superior DPS.
  • A well-aimed shot from an Artillery or a Destroyer shot can outdo the Twin's bullets and take it out quickly.


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