The Twister is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that upgrades from the Artillery and doesn't upgrade further. Its upgrade key is H.


It features a blue round body like most of the other Tanks, and it has a launcher that shoots spinning Flank Guards.


It fires Missiles, which have 2 short Cannons like the's current Skimmer. The Missile rotates clockwise while it's moving, and shoots a Bullet from each Cannon.


  • Strong Against: Tanks with low penetration and consistency.
  • Weak Against: Focused-fire tanks such as Streamliners. Overwhelming ammunition, Swarmers. High penetration, Sniper branch.

As the Twister

  • It is recommended to max out Reload, Bullet Penetration, and Bullet Damage for minimum domination.
  • The more missiles there are, the better. Since they have a long-lasting lifespan, large masses of bullets are spread everywhere and can overwhelm enemies.

Against the Twister

  • Swarmer and Sniper branch tanks can easily overwhelm this tank.
  • Use something like the Streamliner to go against it. The Streamliner shoots a lot of bullets at a high fire rate, which gives an advantage against this tank's missiles.


  • Its Missile is based on the's current Skimmer's.
    • However, The design is based on the Rocketeer.
  • This tank is first playable in a secret server before being released to the public.


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