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The Twister is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io that upgrades from the Launcher and doesn't upgrade further. Its upgrade key is U.


It features a round body like most of the other Tanks, and it has a launcher that shoots spinning missiles that look a lot like diep.io Flank Guards.


It fires Missiles, which have 2 short Cannons like the Diep.io's current Skimmer. The Missile rotates clockwise whilst moving, and shoots a Bullet from each Cannon repeatedly.

Its FoV is roughly that of the Overseer's.


  • Strong Against: Weakened tanks, group of far-away tanks.
  • Weak Against: Rammers and other fast-advancing tanks, skilled players (who dodge well), Drone tanks, focused-fire tanks such as Streamliners. Overwhelming ammunition, Swarmers. High penetration, Sniper branch.

As the Twister

  • The Twister has slow reload but does not have a large bullet size or deadliness like the Destroyer branch, making it a fairly weak 1v1 tank. Although its bullet speed can be quite high, that however reduces the amount of secondary bullets spawned around your tank in close quarters combat.
  • The more missiles there are, the better. Since they have a long-lasting lifespan, large masses of bullets are spread everywhere and can overwhelm enemies.
  • It is recommended to max out Reload, Bullet Penetration, and Bullet Damage for minimum domination.
  • A high movement speed helps. Keep kiting and the Twister may turn out on top in an exchange of bind fire. Swift escape is also imperative against a Rammer.
  • Despite it weaknesses, the Twister is pretty useful in team battles in the open as the storm of bullets spread across a large area of the battlefield, attacking all enemies from different directions and covering all teammates. With a powerful spammer bodyguard such as the Sprayer, the Twister can seriously hamper enemy Tri-Angles harassment.
  • As for most other missile tanks, it is often better to avoid shooting directly against enemy fire. Have missiles cut across enemy lines of fire, blocking some bullets and keep it going for secondary bullets.

Against the Twister

  • Beware of its missile. It is quite powerful. Some players seem also to have difficulty avoiding it, possibly for its bullet storm.
  • A skimmer's bullets can be superior
  • Try not to engage a Twister not being able to see it; it is rather pointless.
  • Twister missiles tend to alert many players outside of its effective area. If you are one of them, hold your fire until you see the tank.
  • Use something like the Streamliner to go against it. The Streamliner shoots a lot of bullets at a high fire rate, which gives an advantage against this tank's missiles.
  • The Swarmer usually has the upper hand against the Twister for its homing drones.
  • With good aim and high bullet speed a Sniper may easily kill a Twister. If the Twister dodges particularly well, however, beware of the accumulating damage from secondary bullets.
  • If the Twister cannot / will not flee, as a Destroyer class tank, advancing by shooting down its missiles is recommended.


  • Its Missile is based on the Diep.io's current Skimmer's.
    • However, The design is based on the Rocketeer.
  • This tank is first playable in a secret server before being released to the public.
  • This tank, along with its brother, the Skimmer, used to upgrade from the Artillery.