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Auto Spin is a feature added on the July 23rd, 2016 Update that makes a Tank spin around at a slow speed automatically. It can be toggled on/off by pressing C.


A Tri-Trapper using Auto-Spin

Auto Spin allows the player to spin around at a set speed without moving the mouse. It is activated by pressing C. When activated, a Notification appears at the top of the screen, much like when Auto Fire is turned on. When Auto Spin is on, the tank will begin spinning clockwise automatically, making a full revolution in just under 6 seconds. For tanks that have controllable Drones (Overseer, Overlord, Necromancer, Manager, Battleship), they too will spin clockwise.


This can be useful for tanks like the Quad Tank, Triple Twin or Octo Tank. Combined with Auto Fire, it can create a way to farm endlessly and make the player nearly unapproachable, at the cost of control. It can help in some situations, but against tanks like the Booster, whose essence and success feeds off of lacking concentration, it can work against them.

Turning on Auto Spin can slow down the tank, so be careful and only use Auto Spin in certain situations.

The Tri-Trapper can use this in defensive cases by firing while spinning, creating a circle that stops many projectiles and ramming tanks and creates a temporary “safe zone” in team Game Modes, such as 2 Teams, 4 Teams, Tag, and Domination. Its trap base makes a safe refuge for low health tanks if they cannot get to the Base fast enough.

A player can sit just outside their Base, turn on Auto Spin, and sit back. Assuming they aren't killed and the server does not close, players can rack up points this way. This is slow, however, and players can be pushed out of the safe area.


  • The Auto Spin feature was added on July 23rd, 2016.
  • Arena Closers and AI-Dominators also use this feature when there are no players in the server and when not targeting a player respectively.
  • The Auto 5, Auto 3, Smasher, Spike, Auto Smasher and Landmine (and previously Mega Smasher) all have Auto Spin on passively (although slower than normal), and turning it on and off has no effect while playing as these classes.
  • When a player turns on Auto Spin, then turns it off again, their Barrel, Spawner, Launcher, Deployer, etc. returns to the angle it was at the moment when Auto Spin was turned on.
  • Coincidentally the time for one full rotation is 2π.
  • Auto Spinning tanks, like the Auto 5, do not spin on the Map.
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