• Banarama

    One of the core features of is the ability to customize individual aspects of each tank, beyond the premade classes. One can upgrade health and body damage to ram enemy players, or bullet damage and reload to become a hurricane of death. However, just how many different builds are there? It's a difficult question to answer, with seemingly endless configurations of 33 points into 8 different stats. However, there is an elegant way to calculate it formulaically through mathematics. In this blog post, I'll explain this method in detail, and why it works. Note, however, that this method assumes knowledge of basic algebra, utilizing polynomials and exponents.

    There isn't an easy way to simulate the ways to pick stats with typical grade-lev…

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  • Banarama

    Many have wondered about just where the name “” comes from, as “Diep” is a seemingly random word with no clear meaning, unlike other games such as (agar is used to cultivate biological growths like the blobs in-game). Some have theorized it originates from the during World War II, given that tanks were a key part in it. But why would the developer name a game about polygons and circles shooting each other primarily after a failed Allied invasion?

    However, there is an alternative and more likely explanation, and it has to do with the history of the game itself — or more specifically, its roots in a classic Flash game: , released in 2011 and followed up with a sequel shortly after. This simple game featured a basic tank who had t…

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  • GellyPop

    Fanon Patrolling 101

    June 9, 2018 by GellyPop

    As a ​, one of their jobs in the ​ Wikia​ is for the maintenance of it. One such example is the enforcing of ​​, the general standards required by every ​​ pages to meet. But what to do when some of those pages failed to meet those policies? Here are some of the guidelines that can help.

    The main things that Sentinels are able (and needed) to do in order to handle Fanon pages are as follows:

    • The ability to prevent leaving redirects after page move;
    • Marking of pages as ​​; and
    • Editing of threads and messages.

    Normal users do not have this right, but most of other ​ ranks do. If you want to help, but are not currently a Sentinel yet (or have those rights), be sure to ​​ ​​, and show your best to be accepted as a real Staff.

    So now you know …

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  • Type: Sparky

    Since made one, I just couldn't resist making one on my favourite tank :3

    Same format, different tank, different advice, more scientific names.

    "A master annoyer, it'll track you and annoy you with tiny bullets, then dump a whole load in your face, and before you know it, you're gone! Simple and effective."

    The Auto-Gunner is quite an innovative tank. The first of the Automaticus sub-species of tanks, it inspired an entire new generation. Many see this tank as the Triplus Barrelus (or the Triplet)'s rival, and they're quite right. The Auto-Gunner is an annoying bullet spammer. It's also one that you'll rarely see being used, because so many prefer the Triplet. Expect the Triplet and the Auto-Gunner to both have their devoted users who never …

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  • Capt679
    Note: this is a rewrite of this blog.

    Avoid bringing your own opinions into an article. Adding factual information is a vital key to success when it comes to editing and formatting articles.

    When the way you view something is changed by your opinions or experiences, you are biased. Bias makes an article much less genuine, and often misinforms the reader. Don't say something is bad in an article just because you don't like it. Instead, look at it from an objective point, assessing the true mechanics and bare bones statistics rather than relying on opinionated information.

    Example: You have trouble fighting the Booster, so you write in its article that it is the most overpowered tank in the entire game.

    The Visual Editor (VE) is the default way …

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  • GellyPop

    "It shoots and rams, mostly both at a time." ~ Gelly's tagline on Auto Smasher

    The Auto Smasher, a level 45 tank known for delivering a new way of strategy it brings upon (despite it not being announced on a Changelog), isn't just what you think as an underrated tank. While many somewhat think it as a waste in the game of, it still got something to prove...

    As you probably know it, the Auto Smasher is a successor of, well, Smasher. Upon upgrading to it, an auto turret pops out on its body. What does that means? You got projectiles again. This time, though, you cannot control where you can fire bullets. Plus, bullet-related stats are back, with a capacity of 10 points each, making it the tank with…

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    Want to know more about bots, how to create one, and how to operate it? Hopefully, this will answer your questions.

    A bot, in its most basic form if possible, Admin rights increase a bot’s functionality, allowing it to use some of the restricted scripts I list below.

    So now you’ve got a bot. But what can you do with it?

    1. Log into your bot’s account.
    2. Look at the bottom of your screen. You should see a menu across the bottom.
    3. Click either on My Tools, MassEdit, or MassCreate. If you click on My Tools, then click on the application you wish to use.
    4. Use your application and enjoy!

    The applications are listed below with a brief description.

    • post a list of pages you want to delete and watch as they are quickly dispatched.
      undelete a list of pages.
      allows …

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    Seriously. Source Editor is infinitely better than Visual Editor. Don't believe me? Read on.

    I used to be a Visual Editor-only kinda guy, clicking the Source Editor button on occasion to add templates and whatnot. After all, I only knew a little bit of wikitext and found Visual Editor "easier to understand." And then one day I realized told me I should use Source Editor and I decided I would give it a try. After a few weeks of usage, I found that he was right:

    1. It's faster. Instead of having to go to Source for a template, then back to resume editing, you're already in Source! This makes it way easier to add tags, links, templates, images, and a host of other things. It's also easier to pick out errors, such as external links (where internal …

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  • Electro7101

    Factory vs X (Guide)

    October 3, 2017 by Electro7101

    • Strong Against: If Skilled the Factory can beat any class in a one-on-one battle.
    • Weak Against: However its limited Speed and Range makes the class quite vulnerable to Teams and groups of enemies. Any tanks considerably faster than 7 Movement Speed can ignore the Factory altogether.

    “Players should keep Drones to themselves at all times

    When they’re not attacking anyone; moving with the drones in Star-Formation will protect the players from incoming projectiles whilst also hidind their bullets (and thus their location) from enemies.

    “The drones have a rather low speed for drones, but they still make for a pretty strong force, both offensively and defensively (especifically in close-range); their capacity to ejecute both actions decreases the fur…

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  • Capt679

    New Diep Discord

    October 1, 2017 by Capt679


    Not many of you may know me but my name is Captain Hayden. I've been on the wiki for quite some time now and have seen nearly all of the eras it has been through. With a decline in updates however, I thought originally that this wiki would fade into blackness but instead, a new era has risen. With the combiniation of the conception wiki with their fresh ideas as well as the official game community, I thought what would be a good way to connect these two worlds and form one giant group of friends and fans? The answer was simple: Create a Discord.

    No, this Discord will not be like the old one. My plans are much bigger for this Discord. In the future, I plan on hosting live events. Live events such as gaming sessions, trivia, etc. Unlike…

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