• GunnerTeam

    happy new ears

    February 25, 2020 by GunnerTeam

    wow first blog in 3 years

    very neat

    ive just been on discord this entire time, sometimes returning here just to add soemthing to my message wall

    although i do wonder why i cant edit my message wall

    maybe its because im not t2

    i dunno

    anyways bye

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  • Hikidy123

    add more lvl 1

    lvl 2

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  • Garthantula

    Fantasy tank creator

    December 4, 2019 by Garthantula

    72*pentagon*#00b2e1*#555555*0/12/0/0.9/0/0/40[{"angle":337.5,"xoffset":95,"yoffset":0,"width":25,"baselength":30,"length":30,"basereload":120,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":0,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"image":"rectangle","color":"#888888","bulletColor":"#ffffff","b":[12.5,3,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":315,"xoffset":95,"yoffset":0,"width":25,"baselength":30,"length":30,"basereload":120,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":0,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"image":"rectangle","color":"#888888","bulletColor":"#ffffff","b":[12.5,3,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":292.5,"xoffset":95,"yoffset":0,"width":25,"baselengt…

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  • Over-Ship

    December 4, 2019 by Over-Ship is better then diep

    1. so lol like arras is better it has more shapes and has a special maze ..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................MOTHERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • 'Oumuamua


    November 30, 2019 by 'Oumuamua

    Praise YOGA the serial killer (known Serial Idiot, YO-GAY, Praise Chungus) is most infamous serial killer in Most people really hate this player because of the fact that Yoga only uses ac and I try to avoid Yoga but he/she never uses a different tank other than ac. Do not praise Yoga because he/she is probably not going to listen and tries to spawn kill people. Almost every link I’m in Yoga’s in it. I am getting sick of her spawn killing other people especially me. If Yoga is looking at this, Yoga either please stop using ac or stop spawn killing people. That’s all I had to say.

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  • PkmnQ

    My Turnip 14 (Blog Edition)

    November 21, 2019 by PkmnQ

    The ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuules are simple.

    - You have to say 'MY TURNIP!' somewhere in your post, otherwise it doesn't count

    - No destroying the turnip. That includes eating it.

    - No killing -_-

    - Be imaginative

    - No summoning turnips... it get confusing ._.

    • No posting things like "Banned because idk" or "Banned because why not".
    • No double-posting or triple-posting.
    • Offensive or bogus content is forbidden.

    I still have the turnip from previous threat, still in a random computer dump. But since this is a new thread, it has to be easier, so by some random turn of events all the other computers burn and the computer which has the turnip is left, and somebody took it, saw the endless directories, and got the turnip first …

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  • Theawsomedieplover

    7robo:A Bad Fail

    November 16, 2019 by Theawsomedieplover


    Motor:too ez

    Me:i'll see about that >:)

    Me:I'll Win In Round 2...

    Motor:And Too Ez



    Motor:u not smart

    Me: :(

    MESSAGE:Warning:The Server Will Reset In 10 Mins



    Motor:YOU'RE RIGHT!!!

    Message:Server Will Reset In 10 Sec

    Me And Motor: WE ARE LAT-


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  • Tungster24

    What I want to do.

    November 11, 2019 by Tungster24

    Second update. I want to update images and fix mistakes.Will be much appreciated if anyone could send me a few pages that need cleaning.

    I am probably going to reach 1000 edits soon. Go me.

    I probably will apply for staff sometime soon.

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  • Tungster24

    2019 Update

    November 10, 2019 by Tungster24

    Hello! Yes, I am still here. I just wanted to talk about how life has been.

    It has been going very well. I have left this place for the most part but I will make occasional posts from now on. I hope to be somewhat back. 

    It's weird seeing my old posts. I don't remember them being this good, did anyone fix them?

    I wonder where weatherchecker went. I remember it being one of my favourite creations. 

    It's sad to see this wiki slowly fall, I will be sure to be here now.

    That's all for now.

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  • Sentinal94K

    I'm sure you've heard of it. Well, basically, it evolves form Overseer at level 45 and doesn't evolve further. Now the question is, how many Factories have you seen in your career in playing Probably not a lot. Its hard to use and requires a large amount of skill. Also, it has a somewhat bad reputation as no one knows how to use it. And that's what we will discuss today.

    Okay so you've upgraded to Factory. Now we will learn how to use it. To repel your drones, right click. That is where you will be like "what?" The drones move slower than regular drones, so upgrade Drone Speed. Now turn auto fire on. Your drones start circling around an object until it dies. So to kill effectively, you repel your drones, and then swarm the target. …

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  • Astringent

    So, you've been playing recently. You may have seen several strange looking tanks zooming around the server.  One second they're at the edge of your screen, minding their own business, but then suddenly- Bam! They ram straight into you, and you're as good as dead. Whether you're aspiring to be one of these tanks, or hoping to find a way to get past them, here's the guide, packed with everything any beginner should know about Boosters.

    Boosters, as those strange tanks are called, are similar to most other tanks in the Flank Guard. They have a circular base with barrels in a "cone" shape at the back, and one larger one in the front. For it, the Booster has 4 barrels, which are in pairs very close to one another. Then on the front it …

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  • Astringent

    I'm a pretty new player to Generally, I like maining really fast and speedy classes, particuarly the Booster. I literally run rings around people, and it's crazy fun to be in all kinds of gun-fights and right up in the action.

    At first, I could pretty much do that with no problems. I'd just be cruisin' around, picking fights and zooming around like a maniac. But as I played, especcially in 4-Teams mode, I noticed that the different colored bullets of players would really start to blend and melt together after a while. And when I was battling alongside my comrades, it could get so bad I had a hard time dodging massive destroyer bullets, that on any other day, would have stuck out like a sore thumb. I didn't really care at first. B…

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    Well, even though the Auto Smasher does not fire in the direction you want it, the Auto-Smasher is still useful, for having extra upgrade slots! And it has every upgrade a normal tank would have, meaning there would be extra upgrade slots in every upgrade!

    Although, sadly, you cannot upgrade everything to the maximum, like every other tank in existence. And, goodbye...

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  • OverlordTHEDRONEZ

    Hello and welcome to Overlord's News! This includes all of my latest experiences in and interesting things! Just before we begin, I would like to give a big thank you to the Wiki or I would not be able to do this. Let's start the News!

    I was in the game, as a Basic Tank. I was a Twin after a while and I ended up going to the Pentagon Nest. My team was dominating the nest until a group of Rangers came. I was a Twin and I killed a Ranger and thats how I know this. I got the achievement Jackpot! While I went back to the base, guess what happened? THE FALLEN BOOSTER LITERALLY SPAWNS IN FRONT OF ME AND WRECKS ME. I was triggered (angry). I respawned and remembered the Rangers. I got to Lvl 15 and Machine Gunned th…

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    This is a list of all existing builds. Scroll down... if you dare.














    1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1 - Almost as pointless as the next.

    0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0 - The most useless build in all of Diep, here!

    1/0/1/0/1/0/1/0 - Worse than 1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1.

    1/2/3/4/5/6/7/1 - There is no way to upgrade it to 8 without Smasher, so I put 1 because 0 isn't very efficient.







    Wow. Just wow. Did you ACTUALLY think I would file all the other builds? And also put what tanks they were good for? Plain nonsen…

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  • Type: Sparky





    Flanc gardé

    Triple tir


    Flanc duo









    Flanc duo



    Triple duo

    Navire de guerre




    Penta tir

    Tir propagé

    Chef de guerre




    Navire de guerre













    Artilleur piégé


    Méga trappeur


    Mine térrestre





    Artilleur piégé



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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    Well, if you don't know so much about the wiki and you came to the blog post area, and ended up finding this, well, good for you! It's some info that probably won't be updated, but is accurate information about the wiki for at least today. So, let's get on with it!

    Staff Members are some important members of the Wiki that can help you out with lots of things, depending on their rights.

    • , Sentinel:
    • , Sentinel + Moderator:
    • , Sentinel + Moderator:
    • , Intern: No About template yet. ):
    • , Community Administrator:
    • , Community Administrator:
    • , Senior Administrator:

    Embarking on a journey to find the wiki discord and can't find it? Well, you won't have any more troubles once the link is revealed! And... the discord is here! If you don't know how to s…

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  • Diepiogamer123

    Custom Tanks

    July 30, 2019 by Diepiogamer123

    Hello everyone, today I'm gonna show you some cool looking tanks :) Some of them are over-povered :) Let's start!

    This tank have 6 turrets. The tank looks amazing.


    This tank is never gonna be normal. Because when you try to move your mouse, the tank is gonna be reversed. So yeah, this tank is not normal.


    I think this tank is the best one :) He can instant kill tanks and shapes and there is no cooldown, when shooting bullets.


    The tanks are not playable in real, they are just imagined :)

    You might be wondering how to create these. Click the button bellow and you can create your own! :)

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    There will be polls about the builds shown, but also, we need to tell you about the builds, before you go to the polls. Maybe, perhaps, we could show you the build--

    Zelda: Show them the builds

    Me: REEE

    The Ultimate build is a build used for hitting enemies multiple times, bound to hit them. It can be used with most tanks except for Smasher-branch tanks, since they do not have any of the stats required to get the build. Now... here's the build. 0/0/0/0/7/7/7/0 is the build.

    The Bullet Bang build is a build used for doing very high damage per bullet. Mainly, Destroyer-branch tanks are used with this build. And the build is 0/0/0/0/7/7/0/0.

    The 3 For All build is used with any tank, and it can be used in multiple ways, as there are upgrades in al…

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  • ArenaCloser1337

    QWT0: Brrrrrrrrrr...

    Tucker: Why is there an ice cap next to a tropical island?

    QWT0: Probably because this is the most primitive place on earth.

    Tucker: I guess logic was still under construction...

    QWT0: My thoughts exactly.

    The ice beneath the duo shatters and both fall in an ancient cave

    Tucker: Woah...

    QWT0: Were we walking on a thin sheet of ice this whole time?

    Tucker: Yes, but look at this.

    There are ancient drawings on the wall

    QWT0: Hey, is that what I think it is?

    Tucker: Yes, that circle is probably the core.

    QWT0: Oh, I was thinking about the removed class.

    Tucker: ...

    Tucker: Look, I think I can see arrows attached to the circle!

    QWT0: let's follow these arrows, then.

    GunnerDominator: I'm stuck in a cotton machine and have only been eating co…

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  • Utkar22

    Three years!

    July 4, 2019 by Utkar22

    So it has been three years since I have joined this wiki! A lot has happened since then!

    Just a reminder: I love y'all

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    Here is a page for my greatest ever ideas in

    Basically an Annihilator with max health and health regen upgrades, also having maximum Bullet Damage and Reload. Also has 5 upgrade points in Movement Speed. 

    A Streamliner with max reload and bullet damage. Shoots a beam of DEATH! Of course, like everything on this page, idea by TerrariaBEAST64590.

    Just the regular Tank with maximum bullet damage and reload. Seems to be a glass cannon, but it's better at fooling the enemy than those!

    Any Trapper-branch tank, even the Overtrapper, because what do Drones have to do with a wall? A max-reload Trapper-branch tank would be good for making a wall or ramming the enemy with traps. A recommendation is also to get max Bullet Damage and Max Health, b…

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  • Kaznith

    250 Edits

    June 20, 2019 by Kaznith

    Today is a great day for myself and the wiki. I have finally reached 250 edits! This was a long awaited achievement for myself. I have been inactive lately and now that i have finished exams i have more time to be active. 

    I will be implememtning lots of more things around the wiki: 

    1. Heavier Moderation

    2. More Page Edits

    3. More Paget Creations

    4. Learning more CSS and HTML design

    This is only what i will be doing for the next 2 weeks. I may do some other smaller things when i have time  but for 2 weeks this is my project.

    I wish all of the Diepians a great time on our Wiki!

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  • ADeformedPickle

    Tank Classes

    May 20, 2019 by ADeformedPickle

    Classes are the building blocks of tanks - the raw material a tank is based off of before going live. Almost all tanks have a class, and some tanks have 2 or more classes! I have included a chart of the main classes and examples.

    I am not using a table because is is easier to use a list.
    • Basic - The Basic class is the "normal" class that tanks like the Single and the Twin. This class is for moderate damage tanks and tanks with no special abilities.
    • Spreader - The Spreader class is the class that tanks like the Machine Gun possess. This class has a high spread and a low damage, used for spammers mostly.
    • Laser - The Laser class is a fast bullet speed, fast reload class that tanks like the Streamliner and the Gunner have. It is good for machine g…

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  • RubberDuckie3

    After my one-year hiatus, i've finally decided to come back. I decided to do this because I really just came back to in general, the reasons for this are because of the lack of updates. Nope, that is not ironic, I am actually not kidding. I really hated it when updated. Next paragraph is about how Overlord should be buffed.

    The reason why the Overlord should be buffed is because it's drones aren't that good, I mean, the Necromancer's drones are totally better. The Necromancer has like 2 times more drones than the Overlord. The Overlord also looks pretty ugly and should just have it's design changed. The Overlord is also a bit too symmetrical. I think it should have a turret on the left where the Drone Spawner is.

    I am also pl…

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  • AJ (QA)

    Okay, so I know that blogs are supposed to have long paragraphs and/or be longer than a specific word count to not to be deleted, but I kind of wanted to say goodbye here even though I don't have that much time to make it fit the standards. So hopefully this is long enough/has enough paragraphs, and if it doesn't and gets deleted, oh well...

    Since Ursuul said his goodbye, I figured I should throw together a quick one too.

    Just like him, I really love this wiki. Love, not loved. It's been a home for me, it's given me an unimaginable amount of happiness and purpose. It used to take up hours and hours of my time, because I love it that much.

    Now, I still feel a connection to it, even if that connection is really weak and barely there. This is wh…

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  • Ursuul

    My Goodbye

    January 1, 2019 by Ursuul

    Happy New Years everybody, long time no see. It’s been quite a while since the last Wiki Update, & unfortunately, this will be the last one that I ever write.

    Yes, I will be leaving; I’m officially resigning as Senior Administrator. At first, I’ll go down to just Sentinel & Code Administrator, & I might even temporarily go back up to Community Administrator if necessary, but my ultimate goal is to become . I’d like to say goodbye, but this is a WU after all, so I’d like to first recount what’s been happening, & leave my farewell at the end.

    This year has been somewhat more quiet than the last, but there have been a multitude of major improvements behind the scenes. In addition to a number of contests & projects, a revamp of the theme & logo …

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  • Electro7101


    September 5, 2018 by Electro7101

    | More advanced information is depicted on the following tabs.

    The Factory requires a lot of concentration and control. Its Drones are rather slow, but they are extremely durable. Because of this, the most effective way to use this tank may be as follows:

    • Players should keep their Drones to themselves at all times.
    • When they’re not attacking anyone: Moving with the Drones in a star formation and keeping 2 drones in front of their tank will protect players from incoming projectiles of almost all classes.
      • Making the drones face backwards and thus, hiding their Bullets (and therefore their location) from people in front of them. (Which can be useful for ambushes).
      • And keeping non Tri-Angle branch glass tanks from boosting in their direction and chas…

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1


    August 26, 2018 by TheGoldenPatrik1

    Greetings! It's been a while since the last Wiki Update and a ton has happened since... from a host of Changelog Updates to quite a few bold innovative new projects, the Wiki (or is a Fandom?) has been changing in so many ways, so start reading!

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  • Electro7101

    Factory: Overseers

    August 8, 2018 by Electro7101
    The Battleship and Necromancer are exempted from these strategies.

    Overseers, how many times have your runs ended like this? The most efficient way of dealing with the Overseer branch may be to simply blast one’s way to the tanks — easier said than done, the Overseer branch still makes for Factory’s most difficult matchups. A lot of the skills necessary to fight other classes are also required to fight this types of tanks.

    • The Factory’s DPS ensures that it can respawn its drones faster than they can be destroyed. And the strategy should revolve around it. However, complementary skills normally associated with other tanks are important, as to ensure one can deal with these classes in the most efficient way:
      • Players must exploit the Factor…
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  • Electro7101

    Project X

    August 7, 2018 by Electro7101
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  • Banarama

    One of the core features of is the ability to customize individual aspects of each tank, beyond the premade classes. One can upgrade health and body damage to ram enemy players, or bullet damage and reload to become a hurricane of death. However, just how many different builds are there? It's a difficult question to answer, with seemingly endless configurations of 33 points into 8 different stats. However, there is an elegant way to calculate it formulaically through mathematics. In this blog post, I'll explain this method in detail, and why it works. Note, however, that this method assumes knowledge of basic algebra, utilizing polynomials and exponents.

    There isn't an easy way to simulate the ways to pick stats with typical grade-lev…

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  • Monosus

    Welp, I got my other two blogs deleted for shortness, so instead of episodes in Annoying Things, there's just gonna be one alpha. Ok, the first point is the glitch that occures as soon as you spawn. It causes you to start firing without pressing anything. This thing is actually pure evil. It sucks because you have to start upgrading your beginning points without the 15 second shield. And in 60% of all cases, you end up dying. I'm not entirely sure this is a glitch but it most likely is. My theory of it's reason is that the game takes a few milliseconds to catch up and if you had Auto Fire on in the last game, then diep recognizes it before catching up. I know I'm probably wrong but whatever.

    The second one doesn't annoy me as much as it cre…

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  • Ursuul

    Shifting Gears

    July 22, 2018 by Ursuul

    Hello everyone! It has been a while since our last WU, but our Wiki has not been idle; Staff Members rise & fall, Projects abound, a Sandbox gathering is in preparation, & the great machine that is the grinds ever onward as its s labor to improve its function amidst the many new things coming from FANDOM. Dive in, & see what you have missed!

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  • Da Clorax

    I had this random idea; since I like kaiju, and I like, why not combine the 2 together? So I came up with a few different builds and strategies based off of kaiju's powers and fighting styles. Feel free to try them out, they are pretty interesting.

    1. Godzilla

    Go as either A. a Streamliner, B. a Triplet, upgrade all bullet stats except bullet speed to the max, upgrade max health or regen to max, then spend rest on max health or regen. You are now a dangerous, tanky weapon, with a deadly compressed beam of bullets to unleash on your enemies. Be wary, but you can kinda relax a bit. Try to defend other team mates, and you can be the star of the server you are on.

    2. Kamacuras.

    Go as a Stalker, upgrade all bullet stats but bullet speed to the…

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  • Banarama

    Many have wondered about just where the name “” comes from, as “Diep” is a seemingly random word with no clear meaning, unlike other games such as (agar is used to cultivate biological growths like the blobs in-game). Some have theorized it originates from the during World War II, given that tanks were a key part in it. But why would the developer name a game about polygons and circles shooting each other primarily after a failed Allied invasion?

    However, there is an alternative and more likely explanation, and it has to do with the history of the game itself — or more specifically, its roots in a classic Flash game: , released in 2011 and followed up with a sequel shortly after. This simple game featured a basic tank who had t…

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  • Electro7101
    | It refers to tanks from the Tri-Angle branch, with 0 to low Bullet Speed, as well as their GLASS builds.
    | And low Bullet Speed builds of other classes.

    Tanks from this branch can marginally outdps the Drones’ Bullet stream with theirs. They will be unable to destroy them fast enough to matter. But you’ll be unable to damage them too. Exceptions aside, most builds also won’t have a big enough momentum to afford speeding through more than one drones.

    In consequence, a matchup between these classes becomes more of a “Who can sneak shots at whom?” and Factory’s extremely high burst damage but lack of AoC vs Tri-Angle branches’ forward Speed and maneuverability.

    • Since the drones are slower than the Rammer, the amount of space they can move…

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  • Electro7101

    Factory: Rammers

    July 13, 2018 by Electro7101
    It refers to tanks sporting high Body Damage builds, in exchange of un-upgraded bullet stats.

    To anyone wanting to know how to kill rammers as Factory- the easiest way is to lure them- by ignoring them altogether. Letting them get close by attacking another user. Or Far-Repelling 3 or 4 of the drones (preferably) where they are going to get destroyed. Making them think they’ve got the advantage — but ramming drones into them at the last second.

    Why does it work?
    • Rammers normally try to lure Overseers into overextending their drones — so they can get the kill before the drones can be retreated.
      • A factory however always stays close to its drones. So they gotta try something else — to outmaneuver them or catch it in 1v2.
    • Overall the factory always…

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  • Electro7101
    The Skimmer and Rocketeer are exempted from these strategies:

    Due to the Destroyer branches’ recoil — this is the one case in which the spreading and Far-Repelling of the Factory’s drones is more effective than fighting in close-range.

    Why does it work?
    • Similar than with other Overseer branches, it’ll let you attack the tank from multiple angles at once. Making it so that it can’t just destroy the drones on one front and retreat in the other.
      • Moving your cursor from side to side whilst right-clicking (whilst maintaining the drones outside of the orange orbit), Making the drones enter the orange spiral for a few secs. Or alternating between Far-Repel and Far-attract — will maximize the spread of the bullets and focus the fire on the enemy when po…

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  • Electro7101
    The strategy against this tanks should consist mainly on moving with the drones and clicking ahead of the tank.

    (Again, so as to keep the drones outside of the blue orbit). Predicting if the enemy will try to move sideways and correcting the drones aim appropriately.

    Why does it work?
    • Bullets are faster than tanks, if one aims the drones at the place at which the enemy is going to be, there will be a much higher chance of the bullets actually making contact.

    All the focused spammers can outpace the drone’s spawn rate.
    • Because of this, another layer of protection is needed when fighting these tanks. The Drone’s Bullets can make a pretty good job protecting the Factory’s drones. The Bullet DPS acting like a 2nd Drone-Spawner.
      • However, the Bul…

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  • Electro7101

    Factory: General

    July 13, 2018 by Electro7101
    | More advanced information is depicted on the following tabs.

    The Factory requires a lot of concentration and control. Its Drones are rather slow, but they are extremely durable. Because of this, the most effective way to use this tank may be as follows:

    • Players should keep their Drones to themselves at all times.
    • When they’re not attacking anyone: Moving with the Drones in a star formation and keeping 2 drones in front of the tank itself will protect players from incoming projectiles from almost all classes.
      • Hiding their Bullets (and thus their location) from people in front of their tank. (Which can be useful for ambushes).
      • And keeping non Tri-Angle branch glass tanks from boosting in their direction and chasing it.
      • Depending on the build and i…

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  • PKMNLivesNew

    I am asking you to VOTE via Google Forms over whether or not I shall add more bosses like good ol' Dodragon. You will vote over whether or not I will give the disciples generals, similarly to Dodecantar's general Dodragon. There are also memes, so that's fun! I also inquire you to make a draft of a wiki article in there so that I can see how one would structure these articles, and how Wikia wants these to work.

    That is all I ask for you in terms of this wiki, but there are other, more notable things. First off, I also plan on creating a special wiki, to document major events on every wiki. I will try to get various wikis to work together to document various issues within various communities, and to encourage people to try new things…

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  • Fall Out Wave

    Good day to everybody reading this, and welcome to June’s first and possibly only Wiki Update! Between this WU and the last, there were massive changes to the wiki itself, its users, its mobile applications, and its covered content, making this an update for the wiki in the truest way possible! Now let’s stop myself from blabbering on, and actually have a look…

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  • GellyPop
    For the version that is primarily intended for Sentinels, see here.

    s are the main patrollers of , who often looks out for what's happening in the wiki, as well as maintaining and enforcing , particularly the on pages. However, there are times that they may have missed something, especially those Fanon pages that were created much earlier, even before the Great Merge. If you are just a normal user, and you happen to end up on those pages, you can still do something to help maintaining and enforcing those Fanon Policies.

    While there are some special tools that normal users lack, they can actually still move pages. It is only that redirects are left around. Of course, moving pages should be in a good reason, generally if the page didn't meet…

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  • GellyPop

    Fanon Patrolling 101

    June 9, 2018 by GellyPop

    As a ​, one of their jobs in the ​ Wikia​ is for the maintenance of it. One such example is the enforcing of ​​, the general standards required by every ​​ pages to meet. But what to do when some of those pages failed to meet those policies? Here are some of the guidelines that can help.

    The main things that Sentinels are able (and needed) to do in order to handle Fanon pages are as follows:

    • The ability to prevent leaving redirects after page move;
    • Marking of pages as ​​; and
    • Editing of threads and messages.

    Normal users do not have this right, but most of other ​ ranks do. If you want to help, but are not currently a Sentinel yet (or have those rights), be sure to ​​ ​​, and show your best to be accepted as a real Staff.

    So now you know …

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  • Ursuul

    WUs are back

    May 23, 2018 by Ursuul

    For the moment at least are back on track! Hopefully this’ll be just the beginning of continued regular Wus & Sandboxes, but that depends largely on the activity of other Staff members.

    Without further ado, let’s finally get back into the news ;)

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  • Capt679

    A Changing of the Guard

    April 25, 2018 by Capt679

    Hello ! Before we get into the news, I would like to personally congratulate everyone who has stepped up to the plate and been eager to join the news team! You have all done an outstanding job of covering all of the new from the Changelogs to Under the Hood. I remember back in the old days when it was just Ursuul doing the updates but now we are DEFINITELY heading in the right direction.

    If you would like to personally join the news team, please contact . He will give you all of the information you will need to get you started. Anyways there is a TON of news to cover, including a new leader, chat bridge and more!! So dig in folks!

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  • Type: Sparky

    Hello there and welcome back to... no wait this is the news, not Episode 124 of PewDiePie. There's quite a lot to cover on the technical side of things this week, with the glorious god Panzer theme getting a big redesign, some art remasters, and the Third Conception Tournament finally getting to its end. Other things have happened too, and I'm doing this on a potato, so I need to publish this now if I want to spare it the ultimate fate of the Third Conception Tournament...

    There's my intro humor fail out of the way, here's the news for you.

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  • Type: Sparky

    Since made one, I just couldn't resist making one on my favourite tank :3

    Same format, different tank, different advice, more scientific names.

    "A master annoyer, it'll track you and annoy you with tiny bullets, then dump a whole load in your face, and before you know it, you're gone! Simple and effective."

    The Auto-Gunner is quite an innovative tank. The first of the Automaticus sub-species of tanks, it inspired an entire new generation. Many see this tank as the Triplus Barrelus (or the Triplet)'s rival, and they're quite right. The Auto-Gunner is an annoying bullet spammer. It's also one that you'll rarely see being used, because so many prefer the Triplet. Expect the Triplet and the Auto-Gunner to both have their devoted users who never …

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  • Banarama

    As you can see, I am back making Wiki Updates! There's tons to cover this week as far as events and tech news goes — the 6DIIep restyling project is close to completion, and there's plenty to discuss theme-wise! We also had an April Fool's joke this year, mainly due to main page "changes", 's craaaZY theme and the rise of that malignant and deluded , who thought he could SIMPLY RISE TO POWER and EXPEL ME AND MY BOT WHILE CAUSING WIKI-WIDE CHAOS AND IGNORING URSUUL, ZATHSU, ME, PATRIK, DRONEDES…

    Erm, anyway, there's tons of news … dig in!

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