Weapons in are the objects attached to Tanks which produce Ammunition. The only tanks that do not use weapons are the Smasher and two of its upgrades; the Landmine and the Spike.

Auto Turrets

Auto Turrets are AI-controlled Cannons that fire regular Bullets. They are able to swivel of their own accord regardless of the direction its Tank is facing.


Cannons, or barrels, produce a single Bullet per-shot, although the Bullet Damage, Speed, Penetration, and Reload are all subject to the Stats applied by the player. They only shoot in the direction the player is facing.


Launchers are weapons wielded only by Trappers. They have a small rectangular base with a upside-down trapezoid at the end, but rather than emitting Bullets, they launch Traps at their foes.


Spawners are wielded only by Overseer Class Tanks, and take differing aesthetic designs. All Spawners, with the Necromancer’s Spawners being the only exception, produce Drones at a regular pace which can be increased or decreased via the Reload Stat.

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