A picture of what the Console looks like in-game.

the location of the Home Key on a keyboard[1]

The Console can be accessed by pressing the Home button[2] and will appear at the top of the screen. It works like the Chrome Developer Tools, where you can put different codes that can customize the game, mostly for coloring & rendering. Press Home again to close Console. Reloading the page wipes out all commands, so you have to input them again. The console cannot be activated on phones or tablets as there is no Home key on their keyboards. This console is essentially a modder to the game, allowing some mods to take place. A list of available mods is given below.

List of actions

Current Commands

Commands Details
con_toggle Toggles the console on or off
game_spawn [name] Spawns with the given name, if possible
help Prints help text[3]
lb_reconnect Disconnect from the current server and find a new server
net_replace_color [id] [hex] Replace a color from the network color table
net_replace_colors [hex1] [hex2] ... Replace colors from the network color table in order
ui_replace_colors [hex1] [hex2] ... Replace colors from the UI color palette table in order

Note: the Color Commands will change it to the default. The player can change the Hexadecimal colors to input their own. (The HEX Colors are the 0xRRGGBB, RR is the red value in hexadecimal, GG is the Green value in hexadecimal, and BB is the blue value in hexadecimal. They must be 2 digits, so a zero can be added in the first value to make it that. The opacity ones have 0 = transparent and 1 = solid, with the decimals being in-between them)

Color Command Description
net_replace_color 0 0x555555 Smasher and Dominator Bases
net_replace_color 1 0x999999 Barrels, Spawners, Launchers and Auto Turrets
net_replace_color 2 0x00B1DE Body (You)
net_replace_color 3 0x00B1DE Blue Team
net_replace_color 4 0xF14E54 Red Team
net_replace_color 5 0xBE7FF5 Purple Team
net_replace_color 6 0x00F46C Green Team
net_replace_color 6 0xD68163 Green Team (Making Green Team Brown, like it was formerly)
net_replace_color 7 0x89FF69 Shiny Polygons (Green Square, Green Triangle, Green Pentagon)
net_replace_color 8 0xFFE869 Square
net_replace_color 9 0xFC7677 Triangle
net_replace_color 10 0x768DFC Pentagon
net_replace_color 11 0xFF77DC Crashers
net_replace_color 12 0xFFE869 Arena Closers/Neutral Dominators/Defender Ammo
net_replace_color 13 0x44FFA0 Scoreboard
net_replace_color 14 0xBBBBBB Maze Walls
net_replace_color 15 0xFF0000 Others (FFA)
net_replace_color 16 0xFF0000 Summoned Squares (Necromancer)
net_replace_color 17 0xC0C0C0 Fallen Bosses
ren_background_color 0xCDCDCD Base color for the background
ren_border_color 0x000000 The area outside the map (overlayed on top of the inside the map color, semi-transparent)
ren_border_color_alpha 0.100000 Alpha for the area outside the map
ren_minimap_background_color 0xCDCDCD Minimap
ren_minimap_border_color 0x555555 Minimap Border
ren_health_fill_color 0x85E37D Health Bar
ren_health_background_color 0x555555 Health Bar Background
ren_xp_bar_fill_color 0xFFDE43 EXP Bar
ren_score_bar_fill_color 0x43FF91 Score Bar
ren_bar_background_color 0x000000 EXP/Score Bar/Scoreboard Background
ren_stroke_solid_color 0x555555 Outlines (For ren_stroke_soft_color false)
ren_stroke_soft_color_intensity 0.250000 Outline opacity (for ren_stroke_soft_color true - the color is #000000, and this is the opacity)
ren_grid_color 0x000000 Grid Lines (Note: Actual Results Vary, seeing as the border is different for each section)
ren_grid_base_alpha 0.100000 Alpha for the grid lines
Variables Details
game_stats_build # Stat build to aim for. Must be each individual character.

Ex: 556556556656664444884844888877233

That gets a 01277727 build queued. It's the same as pressing U and queuing your upgrades.

net_force_secure false[4] Force connecting via wss
net_latency_history_size 25[5] Number of samples to average latency with
ren_achievements true Render achievements
ren_background true Render background[6]
ren_cache_grid true Cache grid on separate canvas
ren_changelog true Render changelog
ren_context_reinitialization true Reinitialize contexts if FPS is too low[7]
ren_debug_collisions false Render collidable debug info[8]
ren_debug_info false Render some debug info on the server stats test
ren_fps false Render FPS
ren_health_bars true Render health bars
ren_minimap_viewport false Render viewable area as rectangle on the minimap
ren_names true Render names
ren_pattern_grid true Use canvas createPattern for grid, it's faster but looks slightly worse
ren_raw_health_values false Render raw health bar values
ren_scoreboard true Render scoreboard
ren_scoreboard_names true Render scoreboard names
ren_solid_background true Render background as solid color, without the grid
ren_stats true Render stat upgrades
ren_stroke_soft_color true Renders strokes as a darker shade of fill color
ren_ui true Render UI layer
ren_ui_scale 1.000000 UI scale
ren_upgrades true Render class upgrades
ui_prevent_right_click true Prevent right click from triggering context menu

Removed Commands[9]

Variables Details
lb_force_region Force load balancer region[10]
lb_required_latency_samples 15 Number of latency samples before picking best region
lb_search_duration 5000 Duration in ms until we are forced to pick a best region (even if we don’t have enough latency samples)


  • The console was inspired by a feature which can be opened by pressing "Home" button from a game called Diepix 2 (Diepix Heroes Beta) which Zeach made
    • Commands: sentrygoingup, m28, givemethekeys, join_class *Class name*, about, whatsnew.


  1. Remember to have num lock off.
  2. Fn ← on a Mac.
  3. This is a list of all commands.
  4. Formerly typed in console as con_force_secure false
  5. Formerly typed in console as con_latency_history_size 25
  6. and grid
  7. Browser heuristics.
  8. Those are not hitboxes.
  9. These commands previously works on Console and listed after entering help command, but was removed at one point. Entering these commands at Console will not recognize them.
  10. Requires reconnect, you also need to append the gamemode, like :tag:
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