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Controls you to direct your Tank and interact with the Diep.io world around it.

Note that these controls apply to an English US QWERTY keyboard. Controls may vary from keyboard to keyboard.


The following keys allow you to control how your tank moves.


The W, A, S, D or , , , keys let you move, up, left, down, and right respectively. They can be used interchangeably.


The Mouse and Trackpad allow you to control the tank’s “target”.


Left-Click allows you to target the pointer with Ammo.

Right-Click allows you to do different things depending on the tank.

  • For Predator, it controls the tank’s scope (by moving the camera to the direction your cursor is on)
  • For Skimmer, it can make the Skimmer's Bullet rotate in an counterclockwise direction (normally it's clockwise)
  • For drone tanks except Factory, it will "repel" the drones, as they will be moving away from your cursor.
  • For Factory, it will either "repel" the drones or make the drones collapse into the position of the cursor, depending on the distant they are from the cursor.
  • For Auto 3 and Auto 5, it can make the Auto Turrets shoot away from the direction of the cursor
  • For other tanks, it doesn't do anything.

Also, Space Bar and Shift keys can also be used for Left-Click and Right-Click, respectively.

Special Keys

The E and C keys allow you to toggle the Auto Fire and Auto Spin functions respectively. (Has the same effect as holding down Space or moving the pointer in circles).


ž allows you to switch tanks in sandbox mode. K to level up, O to suicide. ; toggles “God Mode”.

H allows you to take control of Dominators in Domination mode. [1]


Stats can be upgraded either by clicking their respective + button in the upgrade table or by using the numerical keys in different parts of the keyboard.


The Stats’ numeric IDs are in order 1 - 8 : Health Regen, Max Health, Body Damage, Bullet Speed, Bullet Penetration, Bullet Damage, Reload and Movement Speed respectively.

The press of U + number allows you to queue 1 point to its respective stat. M + number will queue points until the stat is full. Pressing U without queuing any points or dying will reset the queue.

Tank Controls (Controller-Based)

You can play Diep.io with any controller that you can plug into your computer, namely the PlayStation 4 DUALSHOCK 4 Controller

Note that "LS" stands for "Left Joystick," just as "RS" means "Right Joystick."

  • Move: LS
  • Aim: RS
  • Fire: R2/RT/ZR
  • Auto Fire: LS (Press down)
    • Tanks will fire automatically, and drone users will have their Drones follow their cursor. It has the same effect as holding down R2 or RT.
  • Auto Spin: RS
    • Your tank will slowly spin automatically. Useful if you wish to play with one hand.
  • Upgrade: Press and hold a range of buttons (PS: Square, Triangle, X, & Circle. XBOX: A, B, X, Y. NINTENDO : B, A, Y, X.) and press a button on your Directional-Pad.


Final Keyboard.png
  • Open Console: Home (key)
    • Mac: Fn ←.
  • Full screen: F2/F11
    • Useful on browsers where F11 is not an option.
    • Mac: Defaults to FN and F2. FN may be omitted by the Mac keyboard preferences.
  • Display server information: L
    • Holding the key will display the upgrade tree further, surrounding your tank. The upgrade tree slowly spins around.
  • Disconnect Gamepad controller: I (only when a Gamepad controller has been connected).

Browser-based Controls

The following controls are for Windows/Mac OS. Other OS’s may use different combinations.

  • Fullscreen: F11, This is the full-screen shortcut of most browsers.
    • Mac: Defaults to FN and F11. FN may be omitted by the Mac keyboard preferences.

  • Change quality:
    • Ctrl and - will increase quality, making lines sharper but decreasing performance (lower FPS). This is the zoom-out shortcut of browsers.
    • Ctrl and + will decrease quality, making lines more blurry but increasing performance. This is the zoom-in shortcut of browsers.
    • Ctrl and 0 will reset quality to default. This is the reset zoom shortcut of browsers.
      • Mac: Defaults to Command instead of Ctrl. This can be changed in the Mac keyboard preferences.


  • Before March 9th, only one Stat can be queued with upgrade points, which will maximize it by filling it with all available upgrade points, rather than setting the number of the upgrade points to be queued. This can be done by pressing M and the number key that corresponds to the Stat you want to queue with upgrade points.
    • If you queue upgrade points into a Stat while having upgrade points queued in other stat, the previous queue will be canceled. Thus, you have to queue upgrade points many times every time you want to add points in different stats.
    • Also, there was no mark of queued skill points during that time, needing the player to remember what Stat is next in the queue.


  1. It was also able to let the player play as the Mounted Turret.
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