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Take everything you read with a grain of salt!
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The Developer is an unclassed tank in Diep.io that was originally part of the cheats suite made by the creator and former developer (also called Zeach or M28) himself. He stated that he accidentally left the cheats without a password, so some people could have exploited the developer mode to obtain an extremely large tank or developer cheats. The Developer can also go over the normal limit of Level 45, presumably the method by which the Developer can become so large.

The only confirmed reports are the Fourth Report(s) - October 3rd, and the Sixth Report(s) - April 15.


Characteristics usually include:

Confirmed Reports

Fourth Report(s) - October 3rd

The fourth report which seems to be unedited shows a big developer tank messing around. Even if it wasn’t the developer, it at least proves that the massive tanks are run by hackers.

Sixth Report(s) - April 15

The sixth report shows a developer tank shooting randomly, similar to the fourth report.


First Report(s) - August 28th

The first reports of this tank were on August 28th, when it mysteriously appeared in a server with few people. They said he was a huge tank with a yellow name “Developer” above it. They said it was a Machine Gun, then became a Sprayer, then a Stalker, and eventually left.

Second Report - August 29th

This day, the developer of Diep.io says that he accidentally left some developer cheats without a password. It is still unknown if this has been patched or not.

Third Report(s) - September 4th

When Sandbox mode launched, people said to be finding unknown (likely Stalker) invisible entities with apparently infinite health, and when they ram into it, they get killed and the object is still invisible. The death screen said: “You were killed by Developer”. Apparently by cheating, as when there are more than 2 people in a Sandbox server, God Mode is disabled. When they checked back 5 minutes later, it was very laggy and the game froze. At the start of the video, though, they were able to change to god mode and this shows that this was probably recorded before the update, and is fake.

Fourth Report(s) - October 3rd

The fourth report, which seems to be unedited, shows a big developer tank messing around. Even if it wasn’t the developer, it proves the huge tanks are trolling hackers.

Fifth Report(s) - March 24th, 2018

In this report, Zeach had made a recent return to the Reddit, posting for the first time in months. Shortly after, a large Landmine was seen in a server in the pentagon nest.

Sixth Report(s) - April 15th, 2019

This report shows a player joining an FFA server, and the leader was named "Dev". When they got closer, there was a developer tank shooting erratically.

Unconfirmed Reports / Claims

Developer Password

There have been other reports/claims of the developer mode password. Ever since the developer claimed that he forgot to password protect cheats, many people have been seeking for the ‘password’ or ways to get into the developer mode.

The Developer posting on Reddit regarding the Developer tank

It still could be possible, since the Developer names himself Developer, but the post shown here was originating from a post saying that there was a large tank named “Algebra” in a different game mode.


  • These Developer Cheats are likely the Sandbox cheats.
    • The Developer was probably testing them, in purpose to make and release the future game mode.
  • There were only a few sightings of the Developer as it was 1 person/entity among (quite a lot) of servers.
  • The Creator is called Zeach on Reddit often.
  • Some of the developer’s forms were slightly smaller than dominators (7x7 tiles) while one of them was approximately 45x45 tiles big, which is four times larger than a Mothership.
  • Tutorials of the Developer may be fake! Take everything with a grain of salt!
  • You can tell if a developer in Sandbox is real or fake by the incredible size.
    • If the tank gets big quickly and has God Mode, it is most likely the Developer.
    • It is impossible to resize your tank in Sandbox, except leveling up/changing tanks.
  • The Developer posted a screenshot on Reddit, showing himself as a Lvl 300 Arena Closer on FFA titled - "You look like ants"
  • M28 accidentally left sandbox cheats enabled in all modes once, however he quickly patched it 10 minutes after.
    M28 enabled sandbox cheats in all gamemodes once..png