"A44%ss d%n'%d: y(± d( n(t hav% p%rm'ss'(n t( s%% th's."

4(rr±pt`(n is a Boss in, or so it is. However, it isn't a normal boss, but an entity that isn't supposed to live at all. But it did.


4(rr±pt`(n's normal appearance is hard to explain, as it constantly glitches around. The only thing that can be easily noted is its resemblance to the Barge of the Polygons.


%rr(r 404: F'!% n(t f(±nd.



4(rr±pt`(n has a chance to spawn if five consecutive bosses had been killed in under one and a half minute, and the chance increases as more bosses are killed under that timeframe. It doesn't matter who killed the bosses or what killed the bosses. Note that there is a delay between the death of the boss that will trigger the spawn and the actual spawning of 4(rr±pt`(n, which may take at least five minutes, but not more than 15 minutes.


4(rr±pt`(n is an abnormal type of boss, as it appears to be. The way it moves are extremely random every time its appearance glitches. As such, for an instance, it may move like a Guardian, then Fallen Booster, then Defender, then back to Fallen Booster, and Defender again, back to Guardian, etc.

Despite its appearance as a (glitchy) Barge, its actual hitbox is smaller than what is normally the central auto turret of it. The hitbox doesn't glitch along with the boss' appearance, so it will always stay in the same place regardless of wherever the boss' sprite appears to be.

4(rr±pt`(n supposedly uses a weapon known as danmaku generator. This creates an almost hellish pattern of different vanilla projectiles used by all regular playable tanks. The projectiles' damage, health, speed, direction and frequency of being used are all random. This could lead to being a wave that can be easily dodged to an impossible tsunami of death.


The boss has -3,000 health. With its health being negative, it will only go down further when "damaged", but nothing will happen. There's one catch to beat it: 4(rr±pt`(n still have health regeneration like almost every entity. When not hit for 30 seconds, the boss will start "regenerating health" except it is much slower compared to normal. It would take around 10 minutes for the boss to have its health go up to 0, which will lead to its defeat. Hitting the boss while it is regenerating halts the process, and probably takes more time for its defeat. When it does, the whole arena glitches for a minute, before returning to normal. It won't reward any XP to any players.

Note that this boss can spawn along with other bosses. It is also not targeted by Base Protectors. When defeated, a message will be sent on the server:

"%v%n `f y(± d%l%t% m%, ` ®`!! *% ®`th y(± f(r%v%r..."


  • Strong Against: When being hit and attacked.
  • Weak Against: When left alone unhurt.

The best way to beat 4(rr±pt`(n is to ignore it. Since it relies to getting hurt in order to live, attacking it is not recommended, but simply leaving or escaping from it helps.


  • 4(rr±pt`(n's name means "Corruption".
    • Its spawn message means "Access denied: You do not have permission to see this."
    • The death message means "Even if you delete me, I will be with you forever."
      • This is a reference to a medal description in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.
    • The caption reads as " "Glitch" will kill everyone, even you..."
      • This reveals 4(rr±pt`(n's title as "Glitch".
  • The danmaku generator is an unused type of weapon in GellyPop's AU. Its function is similar to the way how the 4(rr±pt`(n uses it, but it actually creates more noticeable and beautiful patterns as the projectiles are modified in a fashioned way.
    • "Danmaku" is a term also used in Touhou series, referring to the bullets.
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